vels. Each level that has been developed for development has a secret treasure of the god left behind. The probability is extremely high. The Three Immortals, Five Emperors and Seven Ultimates are all there. There have been benefits in it.

This kind of secret treasure is not necessarily an object, some of it is a way of heaven. After understanding it, you will make incredible breakthroughs. It is really an ability that only gods can control.
/Breaking into the Divine Conferment Tower depends on both strength and opportunity.
Standing in the Hall of the Gods, you can also see the towering Gods Tower in the distance, standing there aloof.
Wang Meng has gained quite a lot and is extremely interested in the God Conferred Tower. However, he still needs to make some complete preparations and cannot act hastily.
In the space of the gods, almost all people who are together are acquaintances, and strangers are the most cautious in contact. People who are familiar with each other have a certain fear of each other. After all, there are many things involved outside.
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Six hundred and twenty-eight sacred beast sacrifices
People like Wang Meng need to be careful the most. Here Wang Meng can use his godhead unscrupulously, but after leaving, it is another matter. Although his body has improved now, it is still far from the top.
However, Wang Meng has no intention of messing around in the Zhongqian Realm. Others may want to form gangs to improve safety, but for Wang Meng, one person is enough.
The more people there are, the worse the security.
The biggest benefit of this space to Wang Meng is not just as simple as becoming a god, but more importantly, it gives Wang Meng the opportunity to understand the operation of the godhead and how to generate the power of order. This is not only for him now, but also for him after ascension. Crucial role.
Back then, Mo Shan and Wang Tian were able to control them like gods, but now he only knew it but didn’t know why, which also prevented him from further advancing the power of order.
Wang Meng could feel that ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine fortunes could completely complete the pyramid. But he knew better that at this level, if he entered one more frame, the entire fate system would undergo a qualitative change. In terms of changes, Wangtian may be a few levels more powerful than Mo Shan, but the power is much lower. For Wangtian, swallowing Wangtian’s demigod godhead will undoubtedly allow him to reach the peak directly. After ascension, the level of that godhead will definitely be that of the main god. level.
Wang Meng found an inconspicuous corner and observed the destiny in his body. The profound meaning contained in it made Wang Meng obsessed.
While Wang Meng was exploring the secrets of the Godhead, Fatty Bai once again became a man of the hour in Wangcheng.
The news about the fifth-turn Qilin Beast, which symbolizes auspiciousness in Wangcheng, spread throughout the