of heaven is constantly suppressing him, but the suppression itself is just tearing down the east wall to mend the west wall. The more holes are mended, the bigger the holes become. When these causes and effects are concentrated on one person, Wang Meng appears. .

There is no doubt that he has found the only solution now.
Fighting against the way of heaven is not about giving up, but perseverance!
The Lost Sea is indeed the most dangerous place, and it has nothing to do with strength.
Wang Meng’s soul was getting brighter and brighter, and his eyes were constantly lighting up the space.
In the Temple of Time, Wang Meng’s physical body was also radiant, and his destiny was continuously absorbing power.
/It has absorbed the level of spatial order and is now absorbing the level of time above space.
It’s like constructing a mysterious building, but this is indeed the category of heaven. Heaven is not afraid of you borrowing power under order. Even if you are powerful, it is within the category of order. What it is afraid of is this kind of understanding and this kind of creation.
Wang Meng’s physical body and Yuan Shen established a channel-like power.
The positive and negative godheads form a cycle, forming the positive and negative sides of the order.
A complete composition of power appears in a person.
Two heaven-defying gods that should not appear.
The temple emitted a continuous chirping sound that resounded throughout the space of the gods.
It was the intermission period of the first dojo, many monks were in the space of gods, and the direction was the sea of ??loss.
Could it be? ? ?
Wang Meng felt the increase in strength. Breaking through was actually peeling off a layer of window paper, which was not a problem for him.
What he needs is to establish his own order through precious references like the Lost Sea.
Wang Meng did not tend to focus on ability, because ability is just a cloud, and the foundation of the world is king.
The time axis plus the space axis, the two-dimensional space is being carved.
Wang Meng’s destiny is indeed unstructured and integrated, because from the moment of his birth, this destiny is to defy heaven and disdain any original order. There is only his own order on it.
The power that this important foundation can display in the Middle Thousand Realm may be limited, but in the Great Thousand Realm, it is a completely different matter.
The power of the inverse divine personality possessed by the Yuan Shen and Wang Meng’s second destiny form a cycle of power and order. Only the cycle can be endless.
This is a whole world.
Wang Meng was not overly surprised. At this point, the obstacles Tiandao tried his best to provide Wang Meng with reference. The stronger the obstacle, the more beneficial the reference provided.
It is a pity that there are only two such secret realms in the space of gods, otherwise Wang Meng could have made it more perfect, and the God-conferring Tower is indeed the passage from the Middle Thousand Realm to the Great Thousand Realm.
It cannot be seal