e scary things. This is the palace of the tenth princess Ji Jin’er.

The tenth princess is playing with her babies. These things are all good things she uses to scare people. After cleaning them up, she hides these things in every corner of the palace. As long as she triggers the mechanism, these scary things will suddenly appear. pop up.
At this time, a maid came up.
As soon as Ji Jin’er saw it, she put down the toy in her hand and asked, “Is it funny for my father to call the seventh sister?”
The maid told the seventh princess about her upcoming marriage to Wang Meng.
“God, something big is going to happen now!” Ji Jin’er’s eyes lit up. She found that the things surrounding Wang Meng were getting more and more interesting.
Six hundred and seventy-five clear grabs
/“Princess, you still have to be careful. If the Seventh Princess manages to sabotage it, it might be your turn.” The maid is a little worried. These maids who grew up with the princess will eventually be married with the princess. Wang Meng is here Hao Jing’s reputation is really bad.
“What!” Xiao Jin’er jumped up and suddenly laughed again. It seemed to be quite fun.
This kind of news spreads the fastest, but to be honest, everyone is still very suspicious. Before entering the bridal chamber at the last moment, everything has variables. After all, this matter itself is not so reliable, and for Wang Meng, he has no Taking this matter to heart, once you have decided to refuse, it is no longer something that needs to be taken to heart.
And most people feel that this is just a strategy and a signal in the current situation, and it is unlikely to be achieved in the end.
Wang Shifeng’s efficiency is very high. He seems to have regained his second youth these days. The passion that once disappeared, especially the mood to do things, has suddenly come back. Maybe he will never be able to do anything in practice, but he can do some other things. The incident proves that the same is true for himself.
Although I don’t know where Wang Meng’s wine comes from, the taste can definitely be compared with that of the God of Bacchus. What I need now is for people to know. The question is, is the supply sufficient?
Wang Zhenren certainly understood that it was a good start, so he worked hard. The first wave did not focus on quantity, but quantity.
The gimmicks outside were quite lively, firecrackers roared, and Wang Shifeng also invited some friends. After all, after so many years, he could always find some people to support the scene.
When a new shop opens, it always attracts a certain amount of attention, and gradually crowds of people gather.
“I’ve never heard of it. Is this guy showing off by opening a liquor store?”
Soon a lot of people gathered around to watch the excitement. In the big week. Especially in Haojing, if you open a wine shop, it will be closed down. Who doesn’t know that the wine of Dionysus is the best in the world?
Jiuguijiu, the name seems a bit eccentric.
These two big characters look like flying dragons, which is quite