Elements Beast Sacrifice!

Seeing Fatty Bai crying, Wang Meng patted Fatty Bai on the shoulder.
“Boss, I have nothing to say – come on, welcome auspiciousness! Offer auspiciousness!” The fat man straightened his waist, even though he was so fat, he couldn’t straighten up no matter how much he did.
After a complex and solemn offering ceremony, Fatty Bai welcomed the auspicious unicorn beast into the Bai family.
Everyone in the Alchemy Alliance received a reward, and after giving the beast spirit elixir that the Qilin Beast needed every day, they left with satisfaction.
Everyone in the Bai family is still a little unreal, thinking it is a dream.
Li Xunhuan pinched his neck, “Master Bai, I’m having trouble breathing. Is this a dream?”
“Have you ever had such a beautiful dream in your life?” Fatty Bai punched Li Xunhuan.
“It hurts! It’s not a dream! If it is a dream, I will strangle you to death.”
Li Xunhuan shrank his head and giggled, “As long as it’s not a dream.”
The Bai family fell into great ecstasy.
(To be continued
/Six hundred and twenty-three The Back Garden of the Gods
Wang Meng walked up to the fifth-rank Qilin Beast. The Qilin Beast was lying lazily in a gorgeous cage. In fact, the fifth-rank Qilin Beast is quite intelligent and generally does not need a cage. However, no one in Wangcheng can control the fifth-rank real Qilin Beast. Yuan Beast, of course, it is possible that the spoils were divided unevenly, and whoever took it would be criticized by the public.
But the power of the fifth revolution is indeed extraordinary. If there is a fifth revolution for him to use, the five elements of true energy should be enough.
It was almost a matter of front and back, and the front door of the Bai family became lively.
“Nephew Bai! Haha, heroes come from young, this is indeed true!”
“Uncle Zhu, haha, luck, just luck.”
“Oh, luck is also strength! From today on, the Bai family will be added to the family that has supported the auspicious Qilin beast!”
“Haha, thank you Zhu Shuliang for your kind words. By the way, the next joint hunting will be with the Zhu family.”
“Participate! I originally planned to agree, but the Divine Beast Festival is coming soon, and I wanted to talk after the Divine Beast Festival. Now that Bai Xianye has mentioned it, I will speak frankly. The Zhu family does not have much power at their disposal, but the Jingwei Dog Beast Ten Two pieces can still be obtained.”
Fatty Bai took a deep breath. The Zhu family had previously asked for two Jingwei dog beasts, but now there were twelve of them!
In Wangcheng, the Bai family is really going to take off.
After seeing off the head of the Zhu family, we welcomed the young master of the Wu family who also had a special status in Wangcheng.
“Brother Bai, congratulations! Please take me to see auspiciousness, welcome auspiciousness, and see good luck.”
Fatty Bai was very busy and very happy. One after another, various families that had not been too disdainful of the Bai family before were now visiting one by one, and more