et. His heart is too soft and kind. In fact, the most soft-hearted person in the church is not Ma Tianer, but Zhou Qian. He is really not fit to be a monk.

In an instant, the holy icon shone with light and enveloped the two of them. The huge golden scale rotated, directly weighing their souls.
This is a law-like icon!
A heaven-defying type, no matter how powerful you are, he won’t play with you and will just fight for your soul!
Everyone was shocked,
Standing at both ends of the soul scale, Zhou Qian was very calm, “We weigh courage.”
Feng Jin was stunned. Everyone was shocked. Isn’t Zhou Qian the most timid? Why do you want to fight for this?
The scale is gradually tilting.
“Feng Jin is going to die!” Zhao Guang looked like he was talking about a trivial matter.
“Elder brother, please let him go and let him fend for himself. This will not only show your majesty but also your magnanimity.”
/Zhao Guang looked at Zhou Qian and the people around him in amusement and smiled, “This guy really looks like a running dog. He kneels down and imitates howling like a dog. If he learns well, it doesn’t matter if he lets him go.”
Zhou Qian’s body twitched, and he slowly knelt down, imitating the barking of a dog.
What is the truth? Who would know!
The scale is tilted, and Zhou Qian is extremely important.
When the power of the Guilty Icon is activated, anyone who is judged by the Icon will have their sea of ??life sealed, and will not be able to use their Yuan Power until the Icon disappears.
This is a law-like icon.
Does anyone know why humble Zhou Qian lives such a humble life?
Feng Jin gritted his teeth. He didn’t expect it to be like this. He really didn’t expect it.
“I surrender.”
Finally, Zhou Qian smiled.
The cheers resounded throughout Starlight City. This was the heartfelt cheers of the monks. No matter what position you are in or what camp you are in, can you ask for more from such a person?
The disciples of the temple had already rushed in and threw Zhou Qian up. This was their most beloved senior brother Zhou, who always had the highest requirements for himself.
“F*ck, this guy.” Zhang Xiaopang couldn’t stand it anymore. He rushed over, hugged Zhou Qian and kissed him heavily, “Damn, from today on, I will make you the second handsome man in the temple. Second only to this real person!”
Everyone laughed.
Feng Jin smiled. He knew that Zhou Qian was doing well, and that was enough.
When he came to the audience, Wang Zhongtian patted his proud disciple and said, “You did a good job. This is the beginning. You must do better in the future.”
“Thank you, master.”
Wang Zhongtian knew that if he had dealt harshly, Zhou Qian would have died long ago, and there would be no chance to use the holy image.
They are all soft-hearted people.
Zhou Qian broke away from the crowd and caught up with Feng Jin. Before Zhou Qian could speak, Feng Jin smiled and said, “When the battle on the other side is over, welcome to Li Zong as a guest.”
Zhou Qian nodded, “The church welcomes you, Zhao Guangdu.”
“I know, I u