ogant, and in his opinion, the only one who can talk to him is Mo Chen.

But looking at Mo Chen’s complexion, he must have passed away not long ago. No one wants to provoke such a Dzogchen master. If he offends him at this time, he will risk his life without any taboo, and the gain will not be worth the loss.
/After these top masters, there are Lin Jinghao, Ling Fei and others. Elders of their own sects are taking the lead. What they need is to increase their knowledge.
As for the people from other sects, they lined up at the back. The young disciples of these sects looked at Lin Jinghao and others standing in front with envious expressions. No one wanted to be in the limelight, and no one wanted to be in the front.
“Mo Chen, our Wuhuan Demon Sect needs a dragon tendon. You can choose the others as you like, how about it?”
Hei Wuchang said, directly ignoring the others. With Hei Wuchang’s arrogance, he had already given enough face to Mo Chen by asking this question.
Mo Chen smiled slightly, “Let’s wait until we kill him. I don’t need the dragon tendon.”
Hei Wuchang nodded, and it was enough for Mo Chen to express his attitude. Anyone else who dared to rob him would be killed.
“Hei Wuchang, this giant dragon does not belong to your family. It’s first come, first served.”
The speaker was Liu Rufeng, the supreme elder of the Qingyun Sect. This master of holy cultivation was obviously not interested in Hei Wuchang’s all-encompassing offer.
Three hundred and eighty-eight eight-clawed golden dragon king
Hei Wuchang chuckled, “Old Liu, we haven’t seen you for a few years, and you’re itchy again.”
“Hei Wuchang, others are afraid of your Wuhuan Demon Sect, but I, the Qingyun Sect, are not afraid!”
Liu Rufeng said calmly.
The two looked at each other, and their solemn auras began to clash.
Hei Wuchang has a personal grudge against Liu Rufeng, and everyone knows it.
“Both of you, the purpose of our coming here is very clear. We are here for the dragon. I want to deal with the dragon before we talk about anything else.”
The elegant woman among the crowd spoke, Ziyun, the crape myrtle fairy from the Flower Fairy Sect.
Hei Wuchang and Liu Rufeng didn’t really want to fight. They each snorted coldly and dissipated their strength.
There was something different in Liu Rufeng’s eyes when he looked at Fairy Ziwei, but Fairy Ziwei didn’t look at him.
In fact, everyone’s attention has been on another person. As the Dragon’s Cave is about to open, there are not many things or people that can attract everyone’s attention.
Lin Jinghao, the demon son of the Wuhuan Demon Sect, and Ling Fei, the Morning Dew Fairy of the Flower Fairy Sect, two geniuses with holy images, are the reason why the Wuhuan Demon Sect and the Flower Fairy Sword have contributed this time.
But the focus was indeed on another person not far away, Akito.
The owner of the Holy Light Demonic Statue, Akito stood there alone, but the eyes around him, whether they were from the ten sects or other sects, were all talking about this young man.
The most imp