If things were that simple, the rebels wouldn’t be able to grow to this point.
Misfortune never comes singly. While the situation in Mysia Province was being discussed, three more letters for help came from the front.
The Minister of Military Affairs, who was originally confident, was suddenly dumbfounded.
Simply suppressing the rebellion, the Kingdom of Hesse is naturally not a problem. But the problem is that most of the kingdom’s main forces are gathered on the front line.
According to the original idea, in addition to a part of the troops left in the royal capital, the main responsibility of the kingdom’s standing army was to garrison the borders, and the noble private army was responsible for maintaining local security.
No one thought that this perfect military structure would be broken after the cult rebellion and natural disasters.
The more chaos occurs in the country, the less they dare to mobilize the army on the front line. It would be a tragedy if the foreign army took advantage of the situation and came over to kill them as soon as the front leg of the army moved.
The army remaining in the royal capital has been mobilized three times. If we continue to mobilize troops from within, everyone will not be able to sleep.
The sudden change in the situation made things suddenly complicated.
Under normal circumstances, the great nobles would not ask for help from the royal government. After all, it is your own territory, and no one wants to be told what to do.
Four provinces were forced to ask for help from the royal government. You can imagine how dangerous the local situation was. If it continues to get worse, it will really be the end of the dynasty.
Alexander V, who regarded himself as a great leader, would never allow this to happen.
“Everyone is mute!”
“Aren’t you pretty capable at normal times? Why do you become mute at the critical moment?”
“And these four idiots asking for help can’t even protect their own territory. What a waste!”
/The chattering and angry sounds continued to surround everyone’s ears. At this moment, Alexander V no longer had the monarchy demeanor of the past.
/Perhaps he had been holding it for too long, but suddenly he let it go, and Alexander V felt particularly relaxed.
The anger that had been accumulated was almost vented with a burst of output, and his tone gradually returned to calmness.
“Let’s talk about it. What should we do now?”
The topic was suddenly brought back to the track of solving the problem. Everyone who bowed his head and was scolded was very uncomfortable and almost suspected that there was something wrong with his ears.
After hesitating for a while, the prime minister, Duke Milton, replied bravely: “Your Majesty, in view of the deteriorating situation in the country, we must prepare for the worst.
Judging from the intelligence collected from various places, rebels of varying sizes have appeared in almost every province. It is feared that they will be unable to mobilize troops from other provinces to quell the rebellion.
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