isciple” with curiosity. At such an age, he probably has forty levels of Yuan Power. This is the type that is completely uncompetitive in the cultivation academy.

Is it necessary to make alchemy?
In the Cultivation Academy, some people practice alchemy, but to be honest, what they learn is just the method. If you need the elixirs, you can just buy them directly at the Cultivation Academy. Who will bother with that?
Doubts remain doubts, but others also welcomed Zhou Feng.
Zhou Feng also arranged to stay in the small holy church. Anyway, the small holy church is a big place now, and there is also someone to take care of him. Wang Meng also knows that Zhou Feng cannot really work hard from scratch like the disciples. The purpose of his coming to the Cultivation Academy is very clear, which is to use his superb skills. The alchemy book helps everyone, and this will be a great opportunity for Zhou Feng to improve.
Hu Jing’s arrangement was indeed beyond his expectation, but it was indeed very important to the current small church.
/When he came to the small church, Arhat was still studying his formations. No one would disturb him. Anyway, when he was hungry, someone would bring him food, when he was thirsty, someone would bring him water, and when he needed spiritual stones, someone would give him spiritual stones. What Arhat needs to do is to study with all his heart. Formation.
Wang Meng came to Zhou Feng’s room. Zhou Feng explained the thoughts of the ancestors in detail and also talked about Yang Ying’s situation, so as to save Wang Meng from worrying. The ancestors also cared about Wang Meng’s thoughts, fearing that he would have any grudges.
Wang Meng smiled slightly: “Old Zhou welcomes you, your arrival is definitely timely!”
Along the way, Zhou Feng deeply realized the magnificence of this new place. The buildings and other things were secondary. The key was the cultivators coming and going. As an elder, he was also considered a leader in the temple, but when he came here, I really feel that everyone is stunned. There are elites from all the Small Thousand Realms here. The Holy Church here is not the three major sects in the Four Small Thousand Realms. There are all sects here, and they are all so powerful.
This was indeed a big shock to Zhou Feng, who was accustomed to the pride of the temple.
But this kind of pressure also completely stimulated Zhou Feng’s pride in his bones. It is true that he is definitely not good at fighting, but when it comes to alchemy, no matter where he goes, he is Zhou Feng!
“Wang Meng, when do we start?” Zhou Feng couldn’t wait. “I have brought all the equipment.”
Wang Meng sweated, “Don’t worry, Old Zhou. Today I will take you to familiarize yourself with the academy, receive the star ring, and some rules. How can I put it, this place is indeed different from the Sifang Xiaoqianjie.”
Before coming, Zhou Luodan had had a long talk with him about many things, the most important of which was mentality.
Don’t be conceited. After all, the Great Yuan Realm is not a h