here was almost no one who could definitely take charge of all affairs of their sect. They all needed to return to their sect and quickly discuss the changes in the current situation in detail. An ancient place The opening of the spiritual realm often means massive resources and various long-standing rare treasures. These things can even determine the development level of forces in a region. For example, some time ago, the Snow Wolf Peak of the Ancient Spirit Realm in the Snow Mountains was there. A medium-sized mine of top-quality spiritual stones was actually dug out. If those treasures were used by a small or medium-sized sect or family, they would probably be enough to double the strength of the small or medium-sized sect or family. Especially the middle and high-level combat power of the disciples would probably more than double. It’s just that simple.

After all, the earlier and younger you are promoted to the top of the eighth level of Qi Refining, it means that there are greater opportunities and more chances of breaking through to the ninth level of Qi Refining in the future. This is almost related to the basic potential of the upper-level monks of a party, and its impact major.
Just as the current situation in the Qinwangling monk world was changing into chaos, Zhu Peng led hundreds of mortals to Qinwangling, but he himself also encountered a situation that he could not imagine, but this time it was not a murderous intention. On the contrary, he I feel that I have encountered a great benefit this time.
In a ruined city, demons and insects are almost everywhere. Fortunately, neither Zhu Peng nor Bai Ling are afraid of being beaten or killed. As long as you dare to come, don’t we dare to kill you? Hundreds of people walked and walked all the way to the center of the city. According to Zhu Peng’s past experience, this should be the place where most demons and insect beasts are entrenched. Before walking in with his sword, Bai Ling gritted his teeth. It was Zhu Peng. Peng was also prepared for a big killing spree.
But when he actually stepped inside, Zhu Peng found that the place was eerily quiet. There seemed to be a strange power that could easily drive away the demons and insects that had little rational wisdom. The central area of ??the city was actually filled with people. There is no place where demons gather.
“Xiaosan, go tell your sister Yue that it is very safe here and let them rest on the spot after being transferred.”
/Chapter 363 Gathering Treasures at Your Heart
Zhu Peng did not look back, he just spoke loudly, and a half-year-old child ran quickly in the shadow corner. He was the liaison between Zhu Peng and the hundreds of mortals, because Zhu Peng had one sword and one white No matter how ferocious and powerful the spirit is, it is impossible to protect hundreds of people unharmed in the fierce battle, so it gradually evolved into a marching pattern in which Zhu Peng went to kill all over the place first, and then the rear team followed up.
/After the liaison officer Xiaosan left, Zhu Peng