ediately surrender and open the country’s gate to welcome the king.

Mo Lihai, one of the four generals of the Mo family, held a jade pipa and plucked the strings. While playing music to boost the momentum, he amplified Boyikao’s voice and used a loudspeaker so that the people of Xiqi could hear it clearly.
There is no doubt that Xiqi has a saint platform, and Ji Fa will never surrender.
To put it bluntly, in the context of being a god, he, the King of Zhou, was just a puppet, just obeying orders.
Guangchengzi was ordered out, followed by Yuanshi Tianzun. Jiang Ziya was speechless now.
Prince Zhou’s Mansion.
Ji Fa’s face was pale, and Jiang Ziya’s face looked worried. The two of them listened to the “Ji Fa’s Ten Deadly Sins” that resounded over Xiqi City. They secretly thought that their position was not correct, and their future was worrying.
/Since ancient times, those who win the hearts and minds of the people win the world. This is right or wrong. During the Yin and Shang Dynasties, people’s hearts and minds were not important, but the support of the upper-class dignitaries was important.
In the world of gods, the choice of the saint is the key. As for the so-called popular sentiment, just have fun and don’t take it seriously.
Ji Fa and Jiang Ziya were worried because one of them wanted to be a good emperor and the other wanted to be a good prime minister. Facing the offensive of public opinion, they were quite frightened by rumors.
Guangchengzi didn’t care. I won’t care about him after I die. He only cares about Yuanshi Tianzun’s mission. Hearing the ten deadly sins, he frowned and said: “Junior brother, this scourge of Boyikao should have been eradicated long ago. Your wife’s benevolence has almost harmed the world.” To achieve the great cause of the human king.”
The human king in Guangchengzi’s mouth was Ji Fa, not Lu Bei, the king of Zhou who was holding a banquet across the street. He hammered: “The name of the human king cannot be stained. The traitors who have been exiled in Boyi Kao should be eradicated quickly. Junior brother, please bear this in mind.” , don’t do it again in the future.”
What Jiang Ziya could say was that he could only nod and admit his mistake.
The two of them did not mention that they were rushing out of Xiqi City and killing the scourge Boyikao among the thousands of troops. They were both smart people and knew that their strength would not allow it.
Kong Xuan alone was unmatched in the battle of Beihai, and it took Taoist Zhunti’s intervention to surrender him.
Jiang Ziya didn’t have this ability, Guang Chengzi was old Xun Yu, and it was even less likely that he would go out to test Kong Xuan’s skills. Just when the two of them had no choice but to continue listening to the loudspeaker, a golden light turned into a rainbow, and a group of people came uninvited , fell in the Garden of Zhou Prince’s Mansion.
/Guangchengzi felt something in his heart, cheered up, and led Jiang Ziya and Ji Fa to welcome the distinguished guests.
“A great sage came from afar. Guangchengzi