Lu Bei Yuan Shen Dual Cultivator that night. They had no other intentions and just went along with them to build a foundation of trust.

When it comes to trading, Lu Bei knows this very well. He keeps doing it so often that the word “easy” disappears.
Lu Bei put Jingshang Palace down, pointed a finger between his eyebrows, and extracted the Xiantian Qi and Yuanshi Shangqi. The two spiritual Qi were entangled, manifesting the color of Yin and Yang swimming fish.
He threw the Yin-Yang Diagram out and landed in front of the gate of Jingshang Palace, turning into a white and black spiritual spring.
After finishing these tasks, he kicked open the door of Tu Yuan’s quiet room, took the dog leg out by the back collar.
“That’s unreasonable. Why are you joining in the fun here!”
Lu Bei was furious, worried that Sister Tu Yuan’s shape was too in line with his aesthetics. He made her 1.2 meters tall and the collar made it easier to lift up.
/Tu Yuan watched eagerly as the Heavenly Palace disappeared before his eyes, her spiritual energy was gone, and her immortality was gone. Just because she didn’t sleep secretly, he found a beautiful figure beside Lu Bei in a depressed mood.
She has a tall figure, bulging front and back, and a coquettish face that makes her look like a hostess.
She blinked her eyes, stepped forward with a sweet voice, and chatted for a few words. When she learned that he was a mount, she immediately turned her back and refused to recognize him.
What the hell, it turned out to be a thing to be ridden, and its status was worse than that of a dog. It wasted her half-day expression.
They were also tools, and Tu Yuan immediately felt a sense of superiority.
Lu Bei punched the dog, feeling deeply embarrassed. If the dog hadn’t been so loyal, he would have broken the dog’s legs long ago.
“My lord, where are we going?”
Tu Yuan asked curiously, relying on the power of humans, he felt that the world could be conquered.
“In the underworld, I left something very important there.”
The golden light danced in Lu Bei’s eyes. He acted like a fool. It’s embarrassing to say that he acted like a faint king.
The underworld.
The Underworld Book was divided up by the three invincibles Lu Bei, Tai Su, and Qi Li Jing, leaving only an empty tombstone shell. The code was cleared, serious bugs appeared, and the map called Underworld Realm could not be run.
The yin and yang sides of the underworld are out of balance, and the yang side of the underworld is falling, slowly falling towards the yin side of the underworld with countless lives. Once the two overlap, they can no longer be separated.
Yun Zuoyu is an old hapless man.
He was defeated by Ai first, lost the qualification to control the Creation White Lotus, and fell out of the strongest sequence of invincibility. Although nominally he was still invincible, in essence, he had lost the threat, his future achievements would be limited, and he would never be able to meet the Great Heavenly Lord.
Yun Zuoyu knew it well and rushed to the underworld. He spent co