a lieutenant general. Those who don’t know better think you want to seek power and usurp the throne!”

/The first sight is invincible, fresh and refined.
But don’t mention it, the other two are not that good either. These three together fit the saying “birds of a feather flock together”.
“Sect Master Lu is polite.”
Gu Changqing smiled, closed the folding fan, and saluted with clasped fists. Even though she was disguised as a man, she could not hide her natural beauty, which immediately made Lu Bei energetic.
/“Your Majesty, you are welcome. You are the head of a country, and I am just a rough man. I should be the one to take the initiative to show you the courtesy.”
Lu Bei marveled at how ordinary it was. Considering that the other party was the empress, the bonus points were obvious and she could be considered on the same level as Huang Xiao and Huang Yu.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Zhong Lingyuxiu. If it hadn’t been for the equipment, the Taoist cultivator wouldn’t have run away.
This sighting lasted for a long time.
Jiang Suxin next to him coughed for a long time before Lu Bei Shi Shiran looked away. He was shameless and didn’t take it seriously. He said bluntly: “Your Majesty, please don’t misunderstand me. When I stare at your chest, I don’t mean to be blasphemous, but I am thinking about birds when I see things. I thought of something strange.”
The wind suddenly became chaotic.
Xue Yang and Qiu Yuan turned to look aside. As long as Jiang Suxin didn’t get criticized, they didn’t care.
You Xin and Quan Yongying couldn’t bear it, so what if they were invincible for a lifetime. They repeatedly collided with Di Luan. Do they really think that their blood was less than five steps away?
Gu Changqing spread out his folding fan, calmly held it in front of him, stopped the two loyal men, and said with an unchanged smile: “It’s okay, Sect Leader Lu, what is it that makes you think so hard?”
“I saw that your majesty is stunningly beautiful. Even though you are a virgin, you are definitely a beauty on the bed.”
“Bold!” x2
You Xin and Quan Yongying were so angry that they would die together with Lu Bei if they took one step forward. They were willing to humiliate their ministers and die, even if they were invincible for a lifetime, they were unwilling to bow their heads.
“Keep your voice down.”
Lu Bei looked sideways, golden light flashed in his eyes, and his violent will turned into charm, instantly breaking through the defense line of the two female souls.
Suddenly, spring comes and flowers bloom.
You Xin and Quan Yongying were blushing and their hearts were beating. One of them held his heart in both hands, hesitating and just lowered his head to rub his buttocks. The other came to the corridor and danced against the pavilion pillars.
Seeing the tragic scene, Xue Yang’s face turned pale. Suddenly, he found Lu Bei looking towards him. He hurriedly lowered his head and closed his eyes, silently reciting the mantra of resistance in his heart.
Jiang Suxin, Jiangsuxin, Jiangsuxin
“Sect Mas