se who are so close to the Holy Church must be the kind who are very stupid and naive!”

The disciples of the Ten Thousand Demons Cult are all here. With the protection of the Demon Refining Camp, the Ten Thousand Demons Cult will not stop. On the contrary, they will intensify their efforts to regain their position. Tian Feng wants to make a contribution. How can so many people deal with one Wang Meng? They can kill him. Killing Wang Meng is a great achievement.
Because of this boy, the ranking of the Holy Church jumped three places in a row. Qian Fei and Qi Feiyu also died in his hands. If he could kill Wang Meng, it would definitely be a great achievement.
Of course, he also knew that although Wang Meng’s energy was average, he should have a very powerful magical weapon at hand, but he had also made complete preparations. It didn’t matter if Wang Meng didn’t come, as long as he came, he would keep it until he came back.
Fan Hong became anxious and suddenly raised his neck, “Help, help, it’s murder~~~~~~~”
Tian Feng was also stunned and his face darkened, “Stop his mouth and beat him hard!”
He vomited blood. As a cultivator, this guy actually did such a shameless thing.
Can a life-saving ultimate move be used casually?
After all, this matter cannot be brought to light. Tian Feng doesn’t want to cause trouble, not to mention it is said that this boy is the illegitimate son of the head of the Fahua Sect. Whether it is true or not, it is difficult to expose it.
Now the dragnet has been laid, waiting for Wang Meng to arrive.
“Senior Brother, is the news reliable? Does Wang Meng really have a weakness?”
“Hehe, this is our trump card, Wang Meng can’t fly this time!”
/Tian Feng said with a grin, he really didn’t know before, but now he has become the strongest member of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect in the Cultivation Academy. This news has also reached him. In the temple, there is a super insider of their Ten Thousand Demons Sect!
/The continuous defeats of the temple all came from this man. With his help, it would be difficult for Wang Meng not to die.
Of course, it is enough that only he has the secret.
The star ring was extremely convenient. Wang Meng almost ran all the way to Cangmang Mountain. Cangmang Mountain was very big and shrouded in fog. When Wang Meng was about to go in, a disciple of the Ten Thousand Demons Cult appeared. He looked behind Wang Meng and confirmed that Wang Meng had not brought him with him. When others came, they smiled inwardly and said, “Wang Meng, you are so brave. If you want to save Fan Hong, just come with me.”
As he entered the fog, Wang Meng followed closely. He didn’t know how long he walked. The fog gradually faded, and he saw Fan Hong struggling there from a distance.
As soon as he saw Wang Meng, Fan Hong shouted, “Mengzi, help me quickly, yes!”
He was blocked again mid-shouting.
As soon as Wang Meng took out Duan Tianya, sword energy came over him one after another, as well as various formations. A single practitioner is not scary, but the most terrifying thing is t