Heaven and Man Unity Level 8 (1w/3E)]

The way of heaven begins all things, the way of earth gives birth to all things, and the way of man becomes all things. It is said that heaven and man respond to each other, and all things converge.
The level has reached Lv12.
[Unity of Heaven and Man Level 12 (Perfection)]
Heaven and earth merge with me, and all things are one. This heart unites heaven and earth, and heaven and earth are one. This is called the unity of heaven and man.
“Unity of man and nature”
Lu Bei murmured, even though his understanding was as poor as his, he still had a profound and profound understanding at this moment.
It is obscure and difficult to understand, and it stops in the heart. It can only be understood but cannot be expressed in words.
He slowly closed his eyes, breathing slowly and slowly. After a long time, his body shone brightly, and with his own breathing, his muscles, bones, flesh, skin, and hair were all squirming slightly.
Deep into the pore cells, every corner of the body resonates with the rhythm of heaven and earth, breathing in and out together.
Divine thoughts spread out, the sun, moon, stars, land, sea, mountains and rivers, thunder, rain and dew
Change the vision, the world is completely different from usual.
The vitality of heaven and earth gathered together, and he resonated with heaven and earth to grasp the opportunity. His consciousness turned into a large net and spread out, connecting heaven and earth like veins, capturing and controlling every detail.
The mysterious and mysterious resonance embraces everything, seeming to sense destiny, and has developed the supreme magical power to seek good fortune and avoid evil.
An indescribable seed was planted, taking root and growing vigorously in Lu Bei’s breath.
In the small world, a stone breaks the silent lake surface, ripples spread out, and the folds and void are twisted and cannot be calmed down.
Intangible opportunities resonate with heaven and earth, causing changes in celestial phenomena.
The first to respond were the two characters Zhen and Xun.
Wind and thunder gathered, lightning flashed, the ocean surged, and the waves roared one after another. The huge and independent lotus stems shone brightly, and slowly grew in a resonant rhythm. On the lotus platform, which was beginning to take shape, four lotus seeds shone brightly.
Waves of wind and thunder swept down, reaching the ends of the small world in all directions in an instant. The expansion trend of the four poles of heaven and earth stopped, and the entire world was changing in resonance.
/Suddenly, the sun, moon and stars trembled, and the earth rumbled and shook.
The yin and yang swimming fish that have been buried under the foundation rise, divide when moving, and merge when still, shattering the realistic small world and evolving again.
Endless chaos turns into darkness, endless darkness outlines the swimming fish, breaks away from the state of unity, clearness rises and turbidity falls, and turns into the sky and the earth.
The clear and