inarys reported the situation to the military in the war zone. The military in the theater did not say either support or opposition. They instructed the two military extraordinarys to find and bring back the ‘pregnancy crystal’ before they could leave the Guardian Star. This Nothing has changed.

It was at this time that David returned to the academy base, just in time for negotiations between the two parties.
“Kenny, this is a war zone, you must obey the military’s orders!” Justin said in a deep voice.
Just look at the first two chaofans stationed here. One died in battle, and the other was seriously injured and lost his combat effectiveness.
Those two extraordinary situations may be their future results, so they cannot stay in the Guardian Star and stay here in obscurity for decades.
/“Kenny, do you know the consequences of offending the military?” Justin Chaofan also threatened in a deep voice.
At the moment when Justin Chaofan issued the threat, he felt the threat of death.
Relying on the perception of danger, he looked in the direction of the danger. It was David’s intention to expose his murderous intent. A Gauss cannon was aimed at the frigate flagship that Justin Chaofan was riding.
The frigate flagship had obviously different markings among the more than forty frigates, and David recognized it at a glance.
At the same time, Kenny Chaofan also shared his negotiation process with the military so that David could understand what was going on.
To be honest, David doesn’t want to go to war with the military, because no matter who loses or wins, the final result will not be good.
That’s why David deliberately leaked his murderous intent to let the frigate flagship know that he was being targeted.
“Master David is back!” Justin Chaofan blurted out almost immediately. He knew that it could only be David who could give him such a strong sense of threat.
You must know that David used the Gauss cannon to snipe the “Stoneskin Worm” King, which many people have seen. In addition, it has been recently circulated that the two extraordinary people on the Erto satellite were sniped by two heavy laser cannons. They have this ability. , and the only one who had a grudge against Ertoki was David.
So as long as David controls a heavy defensive weapon, within its range, even if he is extraordinary, he has to think about the consequences.
/Afterwards, the two of them were unable to escape David’s sniper kill, and escaped in front of David who was manipulating the Gauss cannon. The two of them had no confidence in being extraordinary.
Justin Chaofan and Julius Chaofan could not bet on whether David would miss, because they learned through various intelligence that David had never missed and was an extremely terrifying existence among the ‘Sniper Masters’.
What was originally a confrontation between the two sides turned into an extremely embarrassing scene for the two military heroes because of David’s sudden intervention.
“General Justin, I can let you two Chaofan enter the base. As for using battleship scanning, the