who were paying attention to this place were all stunned. The next second, they pulled out their spears and daggers and rushed straight towards them.

Gu Mi raised her hand and ordered the guards not to leave without permission. She stared at Lu Bei with bright eyes: “Which demon king are you from? What is your relationship with Kong Ji? Or are you the Peacock Demon King?”
Lu Bei spread his hands and said, “You are an unknown member of a small clan who does not have the title of Demon King. You have never heard of him.”
“That’s not necessarily true. If you say it, I might actually listen.”
“Stop talking nonsense and get started!”
Lu Bei pointed at Gu Mi: “Your fists are shaking, don’t wrong yourself. If you have any nonsense, we can discuss it after the fight.”
Gu Mi took it seriously, tore off her red cloak and strode towards Lu Bei.
/Step by step, her momentum soared with each step. When she stepped in front of Lu Bei, the terrifying demonic energy shook the space and trembled crazily, crackling and exploding into black cracks.
Lu Bei stood on the spot with his fists raised and shook his head: “It’s all fancy, let’s have a fight, what are you doing with so many special effects?”
Gu Mi flew upside down and fell into the void. The armor on his chest was dented with fist marks. He forced himself to stabilize his body. After smashing into the void, he opened a line of dust between the mountains and smashed five peaks in a row before stopping.
She raised her arms and overturned the earth and rocks, stood up in the ruins, raised her hand to press the fist mark on the armor, and made a clicking sound.
The cracks centered on the fist seal and spread in all directions, and the heavy armor immediately disintegrated.
Gu Mi was wearing soft armor and her helmet was missing. She had a delicate and beautiful face with a sinister conscience, and her long hair was flying, making Lu Bei in the distance secretly nod.
This evil is worth fighting.
Gu Mi bent her legs, stepped through the deep valley, and jumped back in front of Lu Bei. Looking at the muscular man in front of her, her eyes were filled with blazing fire, and she couldn’t help but lick her red lips.
Lu Bei couldn’t help but lick his lips, hoping that Gu Mi would continue to maintain her fighting spirit and not live up to her reputation as an annoying person.
boom! ! !
/The void shattered, and two afterimages collided.
Gu Mi hit Lu Bei’s front door with a heavy fist. The latter turned a blind eye and reached out with both hands. One hand held Gu Mi’s front door and the other hand held Sinister Conscience. They looked into the fiery pupils between their fingers. The golden light in their eyes danced. They separated the yin and yang with both hands. swimming fish.
The wheel seal of life and death!
In the dark void, the yin and yang swimming fish roll up the divine light.
The wheel seal of life and death is the Tiangang combat skill of the demon clan. The Tiangang star governs life and death, and creates the yin and yang of life. It is not a supernat