crime, but he does not have the ability to commit the crime. Even if he did, he would not be so blatant.

Jing Ji doesn’t know who the real culprit is. The value of Mei Wangsu’s master and apprentice has dropped again and again, so it’s pointless to tell the truth.
Nowadays, Lu Bei is enough to limit Lin Buyan’s ambition and make him obedient.
“My dear nephew, you are an elite disciple of my Iron Sword Alliance, and you hold an Iron Sword Token, right?”
“That’s right.”
Lu Bei was categorical, and then added: “At the same time, Lu is also the commander of Xuanyin Division Ziwei and Huangji Sect. Does the great elder Zhu Heng know? My grandpa, dear.”
Jing Ji was not surprised at all by this kind of answer. If it’s good for him, he’ll do it. If it’s not good, he’ll be sick. Lu’s character in Ningzhou has always been consistent, and he has never acted like it from beginning to end.
“Since my nephew said so, Jing will treat you as an outsider.”
Jing Ji sighed: “Originally, I wanted to tell you that there is a secret realm in Pingzhou, which is controlled by our Tianjian Sect. All elite disciples holding the Iron Sword Token can enter the secret realm.”
“What did Elder Jing say? How could it be so hurtful?”
Lu Bei beat his chest and feet, almost vomiting blood on the spot: “Although Lu is the Purple Guard of the Xuanyin Division, the commander of the Huangji Sect, and there is a dying Grandpa Zhu, but I have always been proud of the Iron Sword Token, and even more so, Elder Jing, you The appointed next head of Lingxiao Sword Sect is the pillar of our Tianjian Sect!”
Pull it down. If Tianjian Sect had a pillar like you, Tianjian Peak would be crooked.
It’s really crooked.
Thinking of this, Jing Ji had a headache. The strange behavior of Tianjian Peak and Jiujian was still under investigation. It could not be said that there was no clue, but there was no progress at all.
This was also the reason why he didn’t ask about the whereabouts of Mei Wangsu’s master and apprentice. Compared with Jiujian and Tianjianfeng, the two of them were dispensable, and they would be gone if they were gone.
“Elder Jing, please speak!”
Let me tell you shit!
The anomaly in Tianjian Peak caused the entire Tianjian Sect to panic, and Jing Ji was no exception. Everyone seemed to be angry, and his emotions were brought into work, so he inevitably failed in his diplomatic skills.
/He also knew in his heart that he would be wrong if he said too much at this moment, so he simply pointed out: “Although the secret realm of Pingzhou is firmly held in the hands of our Tianjian Sect, it has also attracted the eyes of the Emperor Ji Sect. The nephew can hold the iron Take the sword token and take a trip to see if there is any opportunity.”
/Lu Bei’s face showed ecstasy: “I tell you, Elder Jing knew it well. As a Purple Guard of the Xuanyin Division, Lu has always wanted to use his identity as an elite disciple of the Iron Sword Alliance to sneak attack on the Emperor Ji Sect. Today, he can finally realize it.”
Jing Ji:
I want