render. To be precise, Zhao Xiayang did not want to talk nonsense with Chu He anymore, so he ordered his disciples to surround him and pick off all the heads of Xuanyin Division without letting go of any one.

The two parties fought together, swords blazing and sword energy sweeping across. The fifteen members of the Xuanyin Division were all at the foundation-building stage, and the leader, Chu He, was in the foundation-building stage. After a hard fight, they were fighting. It was evenly matched.
Zhao Xiayang’s face was gloomy, and he was about to have an attack. The tall and thin disciple on standby knelt on one knee and stammered: “Report to the leader, we only found the Xuanyin Division thief hiding in the dark. The dog thief named Wang is still the same.”
“How can a big fox just say no? You and I, after I execute Wu Zhou’s minions, go and capture the fox myself.”
Zhao Xiayang snorted loudly when he heard the words, turned to look at Chu He who was killing everyone in the field, his eyes flashed with green light, and he took a sharp breath in his mouth.
His chest swelled, his energy suddenly exploded, and the pressure of his own realm merged into the rolling sound waves, roaring and squeezing out all the airflow in front of him, sweeping over everyone present like a tide.
The disciples of the Qingshui Sect only felt a buzzing in their ears, and their faces turned green after enduring the huge shock force. The people in the Xuanyin Sect were in a different situation. The targeted sense of oppression condensed into a line and melted into the sound, and upon contact, they The shock made their blood boil, their heads exploded with roaring, and the world was spinning like a hammer hitting the back of their heads.
Chu He stepped back with a livid face and was targeted the most. A trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were shocked and he looked at Zhao Xiayang in the center of the formation in disbelief.
“Bao Dan Realm?!”
“Otherwise, what do you think?”
The corner of Zhao Xiayang’s mouth raised in contempt, he reached out his hand and pointed it into a sword. The white light beam passed through the crowd and pointed accurately at Chu He’s knees.
Chu He couldn’t dodge in time, and a piece of flesh and blood was removed from his leg by the sword energy. His body staggered and he almost knelt down on the spot.
After all, still not.
/Zhao Xiayang narrowed his eyes and smiled ferociously, admiring: “The bones are indeed very hard. Zhao wants to see how many times you can persist.”
┴┤д0)! !
At the corner, Lu Bei poked his head again.
With his basic attributes, I dare not say that it would be no problem to crush a foundation-building monk of the same level.
Ten Qingshui Sect disciples chased into the stone path. Due to space constraints, the ten of them lined up in a row. What seemed like a siege was actually a one-on-one challenge, which gave Lu Bei a lot of room for maneuver.
Coupled with the golden-scaled snake’s squatting assistance, one bite after one passes, one bite a