ng Zhu Peng suffering there, of course he, as a father, also knew how distressed he was, but as a master-level figure who had become a master of iron evil, he deeply understood that when he practiced this set of exercises for the first time, the first When facing the power of iron evil magnetism for the first time, the lower the cultivation level, the longer you persist, the benefits you get, and the better and stronger the foundation you build.

Therefore, the Zhu family’s iron beast’s instinct and pride forced him to resist, and he just watched Zhu Peng grinding to death there. It was better to play with life and suffer at this time than to be tortured and killed in the future. After all, he was gone. On this road, we have fundamentally lost the qualification to turn back.
Zhu Peng himself understood these truths deeply. It was just that Zhu Tiejai was used to hiding things and was poor at expressing them with words. Otherwise, Zhu Peng himself would not have been so angry. After all, he had endured being shattered to pieces (Iron Tempered Bones) and Lingchi execution ( Yuanci burns the skin) Two major sins and great pain, Zhu Peng can’t be a little angry and tempered.
But after a while, Zhu Peng still drank the elixir in Zhu Tiejai’s hand. After all, Zhu Peng’s physical condition at this time really needed such supplementation and replenishment. Just one drop of the elixir was as clear as a mountain spring and as green as beautiful jade. It has greatly soothed Zhu Peng’s body, and even his spirit has been soothed and relaxed. After a moment, his whole body felt much relieved, and his tired body also felt pain and a little bit of strength. It seems that Zhu Tiejai really spent a lot of money this time to come up with a very rare and precious elixir, otherwise the effect would not be so immediate.
/As soon as his tired body regained some strength, Zhu Peng suddenly stood up cross-legged and began to use his own health-preserving skills. Although Zhu Peng was now mentally exhausted and felt extremely painful every time he thought about it, But he still worked hard and persisted.
It’s not that Zhu Peng has the habit of self-abuse, but after he has cultivated to his own limit, every time he squeezes out the slightest bit of strength, it will be of great help to improve his cultivation and potential, not to mention that he has his own family next to him at this time. The biological father is watching, and there will be people watching and rescuing him anytime and anywhere.
/And Zhu Tiejai did live up to his expectations. Not only did he protect Zhu Peng, but he also used the Tiesha Kung Fu to forge Zhu Peng’s bones in the gentlest, most effective and most luxurious way at the expense of his own energy. Cut the marrow and smelt the muscles and bones.
If Zhu Peng himself fails, then even if Zhu Peng is his biological son, Zhu Tiekai will not waste his own energy for his cultivation. But if Zhu Peng himself is strong, then plus Zhu Peng is his biological son, Putting these two reasons together, it was worth it for Zhu