The voice of the Holy Emperor is now well-deserved!
In the Three Emperors Heaven, in the Fire Cloud Cave, as the auspicious clouds fill the sky and auspicious energy appears, many powerful people cannot help but immerse themselves in the rules of the great road that pave the way in the void of the heavens. In this way, they can understand the changes in the great road and get a little bit of the saint. good fortune.
/Amidst the radiance of humanity that filled the sky, the door to the Emperor’s former residence was opened, and Holy Emperor Fuxi walked out with the dragon energy of humanity. Behind him, there were layers of radiance of the saintly path blooming, outlining an extremely mysterious picture of the saintly path.
With the help of this high-spirited fortune that defeated the Lingkong Mother Goddess, the human race Holy Emperor finally took the most critical step and became the first saint.
As Holy Emperor Fuxi appeared, the two Holy Emperors and the five Holy Emperors showed joy on their faces.
“Brother Emperor (His Majesty the Holy Emperor)!”
One after another, figures hurriedly stepped forward to salute.
Holy Emperor Fuxi nodded slightly, then his eyes fell on Zhang Jian and smiled.
“Fellow Earth Emperor, I owe you a big favor this time!”
Zhang Jian smiled slightly.
“His Majesty the Holy Emperor has seen something different. In the past, His Majesty the Holy Emperor opened the gates of the palace to be cultivated by the human race, but today it has its own good results!”
Holy Emperor Fuxi’s eyes moved and he said.
“I really didn’t expect that fellow Daoist Earth Emperor could be as good as he is today!”
He glanced at the human gods present and then suggested.
“It’s rare for us two saints to meet each other, how about we discuss Taoism? I’m also very curious about Taoist friends’ current career!”
Holy Emperor Fuxi did not hide his thoughts.
Zhang Jian nodded lightly and immediately agreed.
There is nothing wrong with discussing the truth, and he is also planning to invite Holy Emperor Fuxi to go to the dimension of annihilation and chaos and destroy the lair of the Goddess Lingkong.
/The Ling Kong Mother Goddess was suppressed by him within the Seventeenth Grade Creation Qinglian, and Zhang Jian had already pushed out of her lair through her!
Chapter 874: Annihilation of Chaos
The Temple of the Three Emperors was already crowded with people after the news came that the two saints were about to discuss Taoism here.
Many human immortals arrived early and occupied their positions in the main hall.
The remaining observers were subtle, and even the positions outside the main hall were occupied early by strong human beings.
In the Three Emperors Temple, as time passed, bursts of fairy sounds came from the void, and two magnificent fairy lights descended from the void.
The two magnificent celestial lights seemed to break the rules of the infinite heaven and earth. When they came, it seemed that there were billions of Dao Qi, the acquired ancestral qi, and the ancestral qi of the anc