At this time, Zhang Lu’s body energy has obviously changed. He used to be a stupid big guy, but now he has a tiger’s back and a monkey’s waist. His whole body is filled with a wisp of invisible evil energy, which is very ferocious.
His arrival obviously made Zhang Zhao and Zhang Changan at the table a little scared, and they couldn’t help but cower in Qi Yuhua’s arms. Only Zhang Yitian was not afraid, and still looked at Zhang Lu with his eyes.
Zhang Lu smiled at Zhang Yi. He was obviously much calmer at this time. He had a light beard on his mouth. He just sat down with his hands slightly cupped and smiled at the same time.
“Master, Mistress, you two also know that I am not a polite person. We treat this place as our own home!”
/Qi Yuhua said with a smile!
“Brother Lu, this is your home!”
Zhang Jian glanced at Zhang Lu. At this time, in his spiritual eyes, he could see the stars flowing in Zhang Lu’s Palace of Life. The stars of the White Tiger Star were gathering, which was very impressive.
Although it is far inferior to An Ruming’s Greedy Wolf Star destiny, it is very good at Zhang Lu’s stage.
During the dinner, Zhang Jian took advantage of the situation and asked.
“Zhang Lu, have you ever been exposed to the method of astrological condensation in the military?”
Hearing this, Zhang Lu was a little surprised: “My lord, what are you talking about about the method of condensing stars?”
“It seems your grade is too low!”
When Zhang Jian heard this, he immediately knew that Zhang Lu might not have entered the eyes of the middle and high-level officials of the Daqian Army yet, but he was still under consideration.
He pondered for a moment, the method of condensing stars and the method of Yin Shen were similar in approach and effect. Zhang Jian felt that if the generals of Daqian could truly continue their martial arts, they might not be able to make a difference.
After all, from ancient times to the present, there have been very few magical methods that can use dragon and tiger energy, or even dragon veins and dragon energy.
The thought flashed through his mind and he asked with a smile. “Is your White Tiger Victory Strength about to be completed?”
Zhang Lu became solemn when he heard this and said hurriedly.
“My lord, your eyes are as bright as a torch. I was lucky enough to break through to the master realm some time ago!”
/Among the five realms of body training, the master realm is the last one, which is equivalent to the spiritual resting stage in the world of cultivation.
The next stage is the Grand Master.
Next are the heavenly warriors who are equivalent to fortune-telling and foundation-building.
Zhang Lu is indeed very suitable for practicing martial arts. He can reach the master level after practicing for more than ten years. Among many martial artists, he is also an extremely talented person.
In addition, he is also extremely hardworking!
After thinking for a while, Zhang Jian said again.
“You come to the house more often during this period, and I will explain to you the secrets of