al innate divine characters.

Every word seems to contain a strong mysteries of heaven and earth.
What seems to be elaborating is the mysterious rules of the great road of heaven and earth, which contain infinite information.
At this time, Zhang Jian also noticed that there were layers of unique forbidden laws all over the door of this immortal palace.
His majestic soul glanced briefly, understood, and immediately understood the level.
“This ancestor Shenyin is very stingy!”
There was a faint sneer in the depths of his eyes.
This hall has been imbued with a special forbidden method. It is difficult to open non-special methods. If it is cracked by force, the deep secrets of the Immortal Palace will be triggered accidentally, and the Immortal Palace will remove the treasure light and strange omens of the Immortal Palace itself. Completely stimulate, and then attract other strong people.
Ancestor Shenyin obviously did not want this original spiritual treasure to fall into the hands of others.
If it were a person with little attainment in forbidden arts, it would be easy to fall into the trap of forbidden arts and become a pawn.
Zhang Jian’s expression remained unchanged, but the purple-yellow immortal light in his hand shot into the Immortal Palace, suppressing the obscure root forbidden laws everywhere. He did not destroy the forbidden laws of this Immortal Palace, and his figure moved with one step. But he walked directly through the door and entered the depths of the Immortal Palace.
Deep in the Immortal Palace, the energy of the origin of infinite vastness of chaos is so strong that it seems to have formed magnificent chaotic dragon shapes swimming in the void, and the courtyard pillars seem to support the magnificent sky.
The main hall is tall and majestic. Entering it feels like entering the kingdom of giant gods in the center of the universe. The divine pillars are like pillars of heaven.
It is obviously blessed with the supreme secret method of time and space.
A ball of purple-yellow fairy light emerged in the void, and in an instant it appeared in front of the table in the fairy palace.
At this time, there were several extremely precious and rare treasures placed in front of the table in the center of the Immortal Palace.
They are one seal, one picture, and one sketch!
Three treasures shine brightly.
On the table, each of the three treasures shone with a vague aura of forbidden magic.
Zhang Jian’s eyes swept across, but instantly landed on the main seat.
It was a golden fairy throne, with invisible flames and divine light blooming around it. It was infinite light, and purple energy bloomed from it, which was extremely mysterious.
This is a fairy-type treasure.
/Zhang Jian’s majestic will on the other side was locked in the depths of the Immortal Seat. He slowly stepped forward, and when he raised his hand, a purple-yellow fairy light enveloped the Immortal Seat. He slightly grasped it with his five fingers, but slowly pulled out a shining handle. An ancient sword with a strong golden glow.