ivine energy bloomed from her fingertips, impacting the entire human space with incomparable ferocity.

The human space formed by the magnificent human will became shaky under the impact of this force.
/Even the will of humanity, the power that suppresses all laws and disperses all evils, is still extremely fragile under the attack of the Yuanshi Saint.
Large areas of human space collapsed.
But in an instant, a trace of azure divine light appeared in her eyes. She saw that the collapsed human space did not allow the Three Emperors’ Forbidden Formation to be lifted. Instead, she saw eight divine lights of various colors converging from the void to form a human realm Bagua diagram that continued to rotate. , an endless and tyrannical will emerges from it.
What’s more, countless humane flames emerged from it, allowing the humane space to be reborn rapidly!
“The will of humanity will never be extinguished!”
Holy Emperor Fuxi, Emperor Nong Yan, and Holy Emperor Xuanyuan seemed to be standing in the endless flames of humanity. Among the three, Holy Emperor Fuxi was obviously standing at the front. He formed seals in his hands to perfectly control this majestic and complicated palace. The Three Emperors Forbidden Formation.
Under the rotation of this array, it can actually compete with the Yuanshi Saint.
Above the Taixu Heaven Realm, the gods looked at this scene and couldn’t help but look happy.
But the Jade Emperor, the Queen Mother of Yaochi, and some disciples of the three religions ‘disappeared’ from the void at this time!
Empress Houtu stood where she was. She also saw this scene, her expression unchanged.
The gods did not take advantage of this to escape, but prepared to fight fiercely with the original saint.
There are not many details about the emptiness of the heavens.
/The Yuanshi Saint is very strong, but there is no shortage of means in the sky that can compete with the Yuanshi Saint.
In ancient times, there were two peerless ferocious formations that made all religious ancestors shy away from them, the Twelve Capital Heavenly Gods Formation and the Zhoutian Xingdou Formation.
In the Middle Ages, the Immortal Killing Sword Formation came out again.
After the present and ancient times, as the number of strong men increased, countless cultivation systems in the sky were perfected, and many powerful formations were born, such as the Three Emperors Forbidden Formation!
The human race not only has the Three Emperors Forbidden Formation, but also has a series of ancient formations such as the Luo Xiangtian Human Suppressing Formation, the Five Emperors Yuanling Formation and so on. These are all the heritage of the human race and are difficult to use except at the critical moment of life and death.
During the battle between the human and demon clans, Holy Emperor Fuxi had not yet used any of his basic magical powers. He had already defeated the Taiyi Clan by simply summoning his humane will.
“Humanity to the heavens, humanity’s divine sword!”
At this time, Holy Emperor Fuxi formed a seal in his han