, and they were suspended in the air as soon as they fell a little.

David used the short wings on his back to increase the energy supply, and he also stopped not far from the three extraordinary ones.
To David’s surprise, Baron Dubois did not need to mount the flying eagle. After the big hand was removed, he grabbed Knight Cade with one hand and Knight Miller with the other hand, hovering in place.
/David was 100% sure that he did not see any light flashing on Baron Dubois’s armor, which meant that Baron Dubois did not activate the special pattern on the armor.
David had always thought that Baron Dubois could not fly, but the situation before him made him understand that Baron Dubois had always been able to fly.
Baron Dubois grabbed the two knights and slowly lowered them to the ground, and the three extraordinary and David also lowered themselves.
“Baron Du Bois, let’s go back first!” Buckley said goodbye to Baron Du Bois extraordinary.
Baron Dubois nodded.
“Lieutenant Colonel David, please go to the military headquarters to collect the mission reward when you have time!” Buckley turned to David again and said.
Then the three extraordinary ones jumped into the air and flew toward the defense line.
Knight Cade did not accompany him, and he quickly left.
David observed that the big hand in the sky dissipated directly in the air after putting them down, as if the energy was completely consumed.
The others were not surprised at all, only he was puzzled.
“David, come back with us. We’ll take away your things in the space!” Knight Miller had experienced this adventure and saw that he was safe. He stepped forward and invited David in a good mood.
“Okay!” David didn’t care. He also wanted to ask Knight Miller for information about the phantom.
“David, it’s a good thing I brought you with me this time, otherwise Miller would have been in danger again!” Baron DuBois looked at David with a very friendly look and said with a smile.
Although Baron Dubois was carrying a killer weapon in this mission, the killer weapon could only be used at the last moment. Using it in advance would mean the failure of the mission.
After paying such a high price, I did not go to the Zerg-occupied areas to play.
The ultimate goal is to teach the ‘Half Spider Queen’ who broke the rules a lesson, and in this way to give a warning to any strong person who may violate the agreement.
“Uncle Du Bois, I don’t understand. Since there is such a strong person, why don’t you just go to the ‘Half Spider Queen’?” David looked around and saw that there was no one thousands of meters away, so he asked softly. .
“Strong men of that level cannot fight with all their strength in the battle star. They sit in battle star and just keep the high-end combat power of the battle star stable. Once they fight with all their strength, the space where the three universes overlap may collapse. , the consequences of this kind of collapse are unpredictable!” Baron Du Bois did not hide anything from David. Since David had experienced the confrontation between tw