e, Lord Yuyu was smiling.

This Dao Lord can be regarded as Zhang Jian’s “old friend” and an old acquaintance.
In the past, when he blocked the way of the Ziyun Demon God of the powerful Bull Demon Clan, the ‘other self’ that Zhang Jian manifested was the one who had dealt with Yuyu Daojun.
Zhang Jian just smiled slightly.
Zhang Jian also recognized the other Dao Lord from the Jellyfish Dao Palace.
That is Daojun Hai Yan.
The ancestor of Haiyan Palace in the Infinite Sea is also one of the gods beside Jellyfish Empress.
The two Dao Lords entered the Immortal Court Heaven Realm only to represent the interests of the Jellyfish Dao Palace, and they also came to preach.
Created the Dragon Avenue of the Jellyfish Palace lineage.
After meeting the Emperor of Heaven, the two Dao Lords left in an instant.
Zhang Jian stepped down from the throne of the Emperor of Heaven and entertained King Yu and Queen Qingqiu alone in another place.
At this time, the two Taoist Lords glanced at this magnificent heaven and exchanged their thoughts with each other. The fairyland in front of them was even more majestic than they imagined.
King Yu sighed.
“This magnificent heaven should have given birth to more than just a few primitive Dao Lords!”
Empress Qingqiu smiled.
“It is severely closed and the internal friction is also very violent, which is normal!”
Empress Qingqiu also participated in the expedition organized by Tianting.
This situation is relatively typical.
However, it is relatively rare for such a majestic heaven to be so closed.
This may also be related to the location of the fairyland.
The coordinates of the Fairy Court Heaven Realm are very remote, and it is still deep in the space-time storm. This provides a good shelter for the Fairy Court Heaven Realm, but of course also limits the pace of the creatures inside the Fairy Court House to explore outwards.
If one is not careful, one may fall into the time and space restricted area and become a fan.
Empress Qingqiu immediately smiled again.
“This is also good. Without the influence of the void of the heavens, everything here is in a primitive state. Not only the many resources, but also the beliefs, and the development of the heaven and earth’s avenues are far behind those of the void of the heavens. It is suitable for Ayu made drastic reforms and left his own mark!”
Zhang Jian nodded.
Even if he has to choose a super powerful force to rely on, he must have absolute control over the fairyland and heaven to avoid making wedding clothes for others.
/Immediately he said: “Grandmaster, I want to re-transmit the Tongshan Taoism in this world, so I would like to ask Rui’er to preside over it. However, Rui’er is currently in a low status, so I still want to ask the Patriarch for help.”
Zhang Jian looked smiling.
He was referring to his direct disciple Shi Rui.
King Yu immediately smiled.
“This matter will also be of great benefit to Tongshan Taoism. I will help you!”
In addition to re-establishing the Tongshan Taoism, Zhang Jian also wants to rebuild the Shi