filthy atmosphere of Wuwei and began to gradually refine!

“This Goddess Qingxia is worthy of having a forbidden physique. She can break through the catastrophe so quickly. I’m afraid the chance of breaking through the catastrophe is not low!”
Many ancient immortals secretly sighed.
At this time, above a huge shady star, a fairy with a luxurious figure and beautiful face was looking at this scene indifferently. She was a moon fairy, and there was a strong chill in her eyes.
The Fairy of the Moon Realm has always been at odds with the Qingxia Goddess, especially when the Qingxia Goddess helped the reincarnation of the Baihua Fairy who offended her some time ago. At this time, she is watching this descendant break through the great catastrophe and become a Taoist king, but she is unable to stop her. There is anger.
“So what if you become a Dao Lord? If you are so arrogant, you will definitely get retribution sooner or later!”
/The Fairy of the Moon Realm quickly averted her gaze. Although the catastrophe was not over yet, she knew that with the various signs revealed by the Qingxia Goddess, the chance of surviving the catastrophe was extremely high.
Sure enough, a few days later, the boundless signs of destruction and collapse in the depths of the fairyland were seen. Instead, the sky was filled with magnificent fairy light. The green fairy light was like a violent wave, escaping from the fairyland and overwhelming the world.
Faint fairy light circulates, as if the boundless avenue of heaven and earth cannot withstand the suppression of the fairy light and collapses.
Its immortal light energy machine is more like crossing boundless time and space.
/All the immortals also knew at this moment that another Dao Lord who could command the boundless world and wield power was born in Yaochi Holy Land.
In such an unusual sign, Our Lady of Yaochi quickly expressed something.
Chapter 109: Imperial envoy, cover up
Fengyang County County Supervisor and Censor Official Office
Yao He was cursing at this time and his expression was ashen.
“This Yu You is really crazy. Isn’t it good to live a good life? He actually wants to rebel?!”
In anger, he couldn’t help but slapped the table hard.
Many scribes from the government offices nearby looked at this scene, secretly looking at each other and remaining silent. How many times has the censor slapped the table? My hands are red!
Don’t blame Yao He for getting angry.
Whether it was the last time the four major families coerced Yu Tongguang into launching a sudden attack, or this time the Yu family took action against the other three major families, the County Supervisor Yu Shifu was always a hindsight and was forced to help wipe the mess later.
The former Sheriff just had a problem.
The current acting county governor has another problem, how can he cover it up?
But if he didn’t cover it up and the news spread back to the court, wouldn’t it mean that he, the county supervisor and censor, was incompetent? This position is definitely not guaranteed, and may even be relegated.