nks, and his eyes fluctuated slightly. He noticed that most of these monks had not tested their lives and built foundations. Only Yang Zhen and another disciple with a cold temperament had completed their lives and founded foundations. It seemed that they were here. person in charge.

This group of disciples stood up and started to move one by one. Some of them pushed the pen and ink for Zhang Jian to fill in. However, when their eyes occasionally fell on Zhang Jian, they still had a hint of curiosity. Facing these eyes, Zhang Jian also looked back slightly to indicate.
/“It seems that the cultivation atmosphere within the Holy Mountain lineage is still quite good. Although there are few resources and there are more or less involutions, the disputes are not obvious, which is quite good!”
Zhang Jian thought to himself!
Cultivation is not like receiving a salary, but a matter of life and death. To have such an atmosphere is enough to show that the Holy Mountain lineage is relatively united.
But this situation will also lead to a situation, that is, if you want to get benefits within the sect, you must really follow the sect’s rules and show sufficient qualifications and abilities.
Zhang Jian thought to himself, this is the best.
Of course, if it were a purgatory-level involution mode, to be honest, he wouldn’t be afraid.
Soon after, Zhang Jian was first placed in a room filled with forest of steles.
In the spacious room, the stone tablets have different colors and are also surrounded by various auras with different attributes.
Yang Zhen next to him explained a few words, and Zhang Jian knew how to test.
The test is very simple, as long as the spiritual mind is connected to which stone tablet, just step forward and test it.
Someone next to you will make statistics according to the scale above.
/Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated slightly and his expression was a little solemn. He knew that such a test was related to his future.
But he is still very confident about this.
He had sensed before that he had outstanding qualifications in the second element of fire and thunder.
In addition, after eating so many Tianfu treasures, many Tianfu treasures can cleanse the marrow and cut hair, enhance divine wisdom, and even spiritual roots.
In the eyes of several disciples who lived in Meiling Mountain, Zhang Jian first came to a red spiritual monument, and then tried one by one. After a while, he saw the spiritual monuments blooming with light, and several scales appeared respectively.
After just a quick glance, Bai Xianyin’s eyes suddenly lit up.
“Spiritual Root Fire, Thunder: Up Up”
“Spiritual root gold, wind: up and down!”
“Linggen Chunyang: Unknown innately? Suspected to have a special physique. It is recommended to conduct an in-depth examination of the root bone qualifications?!”
Zhang Jian has already seen the manifested results!
Zhang Jian also noticed that there were detailed instructions on the spiritual root qualification notice posted next to it. Generally, spiritual root qualifications are divided into ni