th, Zhang Jian was It is an immortal god that far exceeds many Taiyi Dzogchen levels.

His understanding is outstanding, and many mysteries of heaven and earth can be revealed at a glance, and he quickly integrated into several ancient immortals and ancient gods.
This fact surprised several gods in the Jellyfish Palace, but they gradually recognized this Taiyi Dzogchen monk.
Lord Yinglong sat aside, secretly surprised.
Many of these ancient immortals and gods in the Jellyfish Palace are from the ancient times, or gods born in the ancient times. Needless to say, all of them are top-notch in knowledge, and their conduct is even more outstanding.
Although they are gods in the Jellyfish Palace, they also have multiple identities, either as immortals among the earthly immortals, as overlords of one party, or as Taoist kings in heaven.
Even for him, it is sometimes difficult and obscure to follow their logic.
Although the Zhang Jian in front of him seemed clumsy at first, he made rapid progress.
Zhang Jian also felt at this time that it was not appropriate to stay in one place for too long and practice. He should have read thousands of books, traveled thousands of miles, and communicated with the immortals and gods in the Jellyfish Palace. Zhang Jian felt that he had benefited a lot.
/Many places feel suddenly enlightened.
After joking for a while, a beautiful girl from the Jellyfish Palace came to report.
“Congratulations to the Eternal Heavenly Lord, your lady has passed the test set by the empress. The empress has decided to keep her by her side and list her as a registered disciple. The entry ceremony will be officially held after a while!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian’s eyes lit up.
Just as Shenjun Yinglong said, Bai Liying actually stayed.
In fact, Zhang Jian really didn’t have much hope.
The Jellyfish Queen is not an ordinary person with great supernatural powers, but the creation Taoist mother of many heavens in the void of the heavens. Her supernatural powers are so vast that they are unmatched by ordinary gods.
And the proud man who wants to worship under his disciple is like a crucian carp crossing the river.
Bai Liying’s only two advantages are that she has pure blood, and the second one is that she possesses the Xuanming Goddess.
As for whether he can stay, it is unknown.
At this time, a tall, blue-faced Taoist wearing a blue Poseidon robe, with a hunky forehead and a high bulge said with a smile.
“It seems that these two little friends have some fate with the Jellyfish Shrine. Not many people can be chosen by the Empress!”
It is the God of the Nine Seas.
Lord Yinglong also smiled and congratulated Zhang Jian.
“Fellow Daoist Zhang, congratulations, madam, for joining the empress’s family as you wished!”
Lord Yinglong smiled slightly.
Being able to serve under the Jellyfish Empress is naturally a great blessing.
Especially for a dragon girl like Bai Liying.
Among the many dragon sons under Jellyfish, the Dragon Girl is known as the Dragon Clan Zhengshuo!
/Many ancient immortals and ancient