everything in the world in their hands.

Under the influence of the “Tianmu”, Zhu Peng could clearly see that although Ying Qinglong’s Xuanxu transformation completely avoided the physical damage of the Yuan magnet sand, any Yuan magnet sand that passed through its body was stained with a radiant light. The power of the magnetic evil still caused considerable damage to it, and even the blue illusory image was faintly fluctuating, as if there were signs of disintegration. “The state of turning reality into virtuality and directly converting the body into vitality is really dangerous. If used properly, even an atomic bomb cannot hit it. But I can clearly feel that using this technique will invalidate physical damage. At the same time, it also seems to mean that the real energy damage it endures has been multiplied. If it were me, in its state, I would probably have to bear the blow with my physical body, but also save the consumption of real energy from Xuanxu’s transformation, and for it, Maintaining one’s appearance in all its glory, at the expense of paying such a price.”
“Could it be afraid of me?”
/Ying Qinglong didn’t know that his thoughts had been discovered by others. Now that he had suffered huge losses, he was strongly supporting his appearance in a prosperous state, but he had no ability to support his words anymore. He nodded in the direction of Zhu Peng, and then directly transformed into A faint cyan shadow flew into the building behind Zhu Peng, probably returning to the jade statue to replenish his vitality.
Just the moment it nodded to Zhu Peng, two illusory white light balls emerged from Zhu Peng’s side. Zhu Peng did not feel any offensive threat from them, but felt something strange from them. The warm taste, that feeling, is just like the happiness and warmth in my memory, when my mother gently caressed my head when I was a child.
But even with such a warm temptation, Zhu Peng did not give up his vigilance. He held the sword in his right hand and gently pierced the two light balls on his side. However, with Zhu Peng’s strong grasp of the sword in his hand, Even if there were two of the most immature babies inside, Zhu Peng was sure to stop the sharp sword edge before it cut their delicate skin.
Of course, this is just a metaphor. There is no life form in the ball of light. What appears in Zhu Peng’s hands is an exquisite halberd carved from white jade and a topographic map made of strange fabrics.
/“Shinto practice directly involves the changes in the origin of laws. It can actually turn illusions into reality, and directly condense objects in the void. This method is indeed beyond the reach of ordinary immortal Taoists. At least for cultivators who have not yet ascended, it is absolutely difficult to do it. Until illusion becomes reality.”
Holding the real touch of the white jade halberd and the topographic map in his hand, Zhu Peng gained a deeper understanding of the power of Shinto. Although the ancient gods and modern Shinto have been suppressed by the prosperous Taoist immortal sects,