etherworld Underworld as officials. !”

“Although the immortal officials in the Netherworld are not as good as those in the central heaven, they are still immortal officials!”
The Demon-Slaying Lord nodded slightly.
The position of Immortal Official has always been filled with monks and few monks.
In particular, many immortals within the Tongshan Taoism are mainly water-based.
The water flows through the secluded area!
These immortals are more or less skilled in the magic of trance.
Introducing fellow disciples into the underworld as officials is obviously a good job.
Demon-Slaying True Monarch sighed a little, she was the one who protected this disciple in Zhoushan Realm.
But now it’s completely the other way around.
Zhang Jian has protected her and even the sect.
The Demon-Slaying Lord thought for a while and said again.
“Ayu, there is one more thing!”
“There is news from the Three Emperors Heaven Realm that Emperor Chungang has gradually taken control of the overall situation of Jinquan Underworld. I am afraid that it will not take a thousand years for this rebellion to be completely ended!”
Zhang Jian was slightly surprised when he heard this.
This Emperor Chungang only spent six or seven thousand years to suppress the rebellion. His moral integrity and luck are very extraordinary!
This might be his rival in the future.
Zhang Jian wrote down this matter secretly.
After the two discussed, the Demon-Slaying Lord used the method to summon the True Immortal Yuanshen of Taoist Tiexin.
The arrival of the true immortal-level soul is like the arrival of a real god in the underworld.
But this is the Netherworld Palace, not the ordinary Nine Netherworld Palace. There are tens of millions of ghosts and gods here, and the arrival of a true immortal soul is nothing.
Taoist Tie Xin also sighed when he saw Zhang Jian’s expression.
I never thought that I would see Zhang Jian again after nearly 100,000 years, but in the netherworld.
/Moreover, the other party also became the Nether Emperor of the Tenth Palace.
Although I often hear the princes and grandsons of the Great Xia Dynasty in Zhoushan Realm mention it, nothing compares to meeting them in person.
“Uncle Tiexin, don’t worry. I will give you an emperor’s talisman directly later. After reincarnation, you will gradually recover your memory and start practicing again!”
“My emperor’s talisman should be able to withstand three washes of Meng Po Tang for you!”
Demon-Slaying True Lord said upon seeing this.
“That means junior brother will have three lifetimes to rebuild the great path!”
Zhang Jian nodded.
/“The power of authority contained in my Emperor’s talisman is very heavy, so don’t touch it too deeply. Three lifetimes is almost the limit of Uncle Tiexin. Beyond three lifetimes, the Emperor’s authority will inevitably contaminate the path and affect your practice!”
Taoist Tiexin Yuanshen listened quietly, and immediately cupped his hands after hearing the words.
“My nephew’s kindness will never be forgotten!”
Zhang Jian said: “I hope my uncle wi