agon girls on duty in the Dan Que in the distance.

Their eyes occasionally glanced over, as if they would come directly as long as Zhang Jian waved.
Obviously, in their eyes, Zhang Jian is a “hot potato”.
Xuan He said with slight joy deep in his eyes.
“Emperor, the slave family is one of the twelve dragon girls on daily duty in Haiwangfang City. The emperor needs to enter the city to participate in the sales meeting organized by Dragon Palace?!”
After a slight pause, she quickly added.
“If the emperor needs it, the slave family can help guide the way!”
Zhang Jian nodded after hearing this.
“That’s fine!”
When Xuan He heard this, a hint of joy appeared in the depths of his beautiful eyes.
Immediately she was the first to ask: “I wonder if the emperor will go directly to get the consignment, or if he will go shopping first!”
“The consignment will start in two hours according to the process. Within the first half hour, some low-value spiritual objects suitable for low-level practitioners will be auctioned. After half an hour, they will gradually enter the auction. Climax, if the emperor wants to go first, you can go inside and drink a cup of spiritual tea first. There is also a place for immortal cultivators to sit quietly and practice!”
Xuan He was dedicated to her duties, and she knew that the emperor of Great Xia in front of her had an extraordinary status.
If you can leave a good impression on the other party, you may be able to change her destiny at a critical moment in the future.
Such a big shot, even casually mentioning her name, might change her treatment in Qingping Dragon Palace.
Zhang Jian pondered for a moment, then said.
“Then let’s take a walk first. Let’s go to the free trade zone first!”
Zhang Jian is not in a hurry now. The immortal magic he wants to buy is also a treasure close to the finale level in the consignment sale.
/Xuan He immediately led Zhang Jian to the free trading area.
The free trading area of ??Haiwangfang City is also established in the East District.
The place has become lively at this time, and many immortal cultivators are setting up stalls here. Some cultivators do not want others to know their identities. At this time, they wear masks on their faces, and at the same time, they change their own magic power, soul energy. machine.
“It’s so lively!”
Zhang Jian looked at this place where people were coming and going, and thought of some of the busiest streets in the Great Xia Dynasty.
He even saw chefs run by high-level immortal cultivators opening their shops to do business. The various delicacies cooked in them were all valuable from heaven and earth.
There are also areas selling spiritual beasts and even demons selling immortal cultivators nearby.
At a glance, Zhang Jian also felt that it was an eye-opener.
As usual, Zhang Jian first searched around some vendors’ stalls in the free trading area and found a few good things, but these good things had already been clearly marked with prices.
There was very little profit margin left, so Zhang Jian did