t can be traced back to the last century.

Audrey was not yet eighteen years old and had not yet participated in the “introduction ceremony”. Under the guidance of the queen, she officially entered Backlund’s social scene and declared her adulthood. She could only watch quietly on the spot and could not get close.
However, she didn’t care too much, and even felt relaxed because she didn’t have to face the princes.
The “miracle” of mankind’s conquest of the sky landed steadily. The first people to come down the escalator were the heroic young guards. They were wearing red military uniforms, white trousers, and ribbons. They held rifles in their hands and lined up in two rows. Waiting for the appearance of King George III and the queen, prince and princess.
It wasn’t that Audrey had never met a big shot before, so she had no interest in it. Instead, her eyes wandered and looked at the two black-armored knights who looked like statues next to the king.
In this age of steel, steam and guns, there are still guys who insist on wearing full body armor.
The cold metallic luster and the deep black helmet give people a feeling of heavyness, majesty, and obedience.
/“Could he be a disciplinary knight of a higher order?” A few words from the elders in the family while chatting flashed through Audrey’s mind. She was knowledgeable, but she didn’t dare to get close.
With the arrival of the king’s family, the ceremony finally began, and the current Prime Minister, Lord Agushidenigan, walked to the front of the crowd.
He is a member of the Conservative Party. So far, he is the only non-noble person to become Prime Minister. He was awarded the title of Lord for his outstanding contributions.
Of course, Audrey knew better. Agushed’s brother, the main supporter of the Conservative Party, was called Parasnigan, the Duke of Nigan of this generation.
Agushid was in his fifties, tall and thin, with sparse hair and sharp eyes. He looked around and said:
“Ladies and gentlemen, I believe you have seen it. This is an ironclad ship, an ironclad ship that can subvert the times. It is 101 meters long and 21 meters wide. It has a high dry shipboard design. The main armor belt is 457 mm thick and has a displacement of 10,060 tons. Front and rear There are a total of four 305mm main guns, as well as 6 rapid-fire guns, 12 6-pound guns, 18 six-barreled machine guns, and 4 torpedo tubes. The speed can reach 16 knots.”
“It will be the real overlord, it will conquer the sea”
There was a commotion among the nobles, ministers and parliamentarians. The Prime Minister’s description alone was enough for them to imagine the horror of this ironclad ship, not to mention the real thing right in front of them.
Agushid showed a slight smile, spoke a few more words, and then saluted King George III:
“Your Majesty, please name it.”
“Starting from Pulitzer Harbor, let’s call it Pulitzer.” George III looked quite happy.
Beginning with the Lord of the Admiralty, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Navy, the name spread in sequence, and final