les can use these benefits to grow up. When it is time to reveal the sect, Tongshan Taoism will naturally come into being!”

Taoist Jueming sighed and said again.
“You don’t have to worry about running out of things to do. Some time ago, your senior brother Wuliang discovered that there was an outsider demon in the two realms area. I’m afraid there is an outsider door hidden in the two realms area. I’m afraid you need to take action to deal with it!”
Hearing this, the Demon-Slaying Lord raised his eyebrows.
“Which demon sect did it?”
Jueming Taoist smiled and said: “Blood Shadow Demon Sect, that is a Shura Gate!”
The Demon-Slaying Lord’s eyes moved slightly, but she didn’t notice it.
The behavior of the devil’s path is generally different from that of other heretical practices. Immortal cultivators seek immortality and ascension, and after obtaining it, they can be free and at ease.
The devil’s pursuit is unlimited tyranny, and ultimately dominates the world. For the sake of power, they can kill without limit.
You can also obtain more advanced magic, please the gods and demons outside the world, and achieve immeasurable magical powers by demonizing a world. If you can poison a world and pull it into the boundless sea of ??blood, you can win the favor of those powerful demon kings in the endless blood river.
They do this kind of thing persistently and tirelessly!
However, being a demon usually has no future. No matter how good you are, in the end you will be nothing more than a side dish in the eyes of those powerful demon kings in the depths of the endless blood river.
The immortals are different. The immortals stick together. Those ancient immortal emperors and Taoist monarchs are also very disciplined and will not cut off the ‘leeks’ of their subordinates!
So every once in a while, some old devils “abandon the darkness and turn to the light” and no longer want to fool around with them.
/The Demon-Slaying Lord smiled and said: “Leave it to the disciples. We can use these demon heads to sharpen the skills of the young disciples!”
Master Jueming nodded slightly.
With Zhang Jian, the emperor of Great Xia, suppressing many demon sect monks in Northern Chu, and Tongshan Taoism secretly suppressing the demon gods in the two areas, the wild area, and other surrounding areas, the battle to destroy Chu went extremely smoothly.
About three months later, An Ruming came to Guangyuan City again.
/Along the way, most of the guards at many levels were indifferent.
The capture of Chu Emperor Huanxuan shocked most of the generals of the Northern Chu court, and a small number of stubborn resistance were also defeated by the northern army.
The second marshal Wang You also mobilized the Northern Army from another direction, attacked the city and recaptured the city of Beichu.
Both approaches go hand in hand.
After entering Guangyuan City, this time the expeditionary army found that the resistance on Guangyuan City was also sparse.
The army marching north did not expend any effort and entered Guangyuan City directly.