echnique. What I really pay attention to is the power behind them, not their young and beautiful bodies. Really, you have to believe me.”

Zhu Peng’s previous words were righteous, but he really shouldn’t have added so many auxiliary terms at the end. Especially when the words “youth and beauty” were mentioned, Zhu Sansan keenly noticed that there seemed to be a strange sparkle on the corner of the boss’s mouth in front of her, so the contempt in her eyes became stronger.
It’s just that this is what the boss said, so as a subordinate, Zhu Sansan can only follow what he said, even if she is doubtful about the reasons in Zhu Peng’s words. “By the way, there are three people in total, but you stamped four empty seals. Did any of them give two copies?” “Of course not, the remaining one is for you, Sansan, do you have any relatives or friends? Also bring them into the Enshrinement Department, won’t the fat water flow to outsiders’ fields?”
Zhu Sansan: “”
/Time flies by, no matter someone wants it to be fast or slow, it is moving forward at a stable speed. 2011 is coming to an end, and 2012 is about to arrive as scheduled.
/During this period, several major events occurred in Qinwang Ridge. The first was the establishment of the Ziyuan Town Clan’s formation and the reorganization of the Blood Soul Ridge Enshrinement Department. These two events led to the continuous reshuffle of the forces in the Blood Soul Ridge. Adjustment. The second was the emergence of the blood-blooded Heavenly Snake Su Wenshe. As soon as this servant of the Snake King broke through the barrier, he invited Su Qing, a close relative of the Blood-blood Su family, to fight against San Baihe. In the end, Su Qing finally He was defeated by the veteran powerhouse Su Snake King, and was defeated by the surly and domineering Thousand Shadow Snake who was vomiting blood.
However, this level of victory obviously did not make Su Wenshe feel at ease. He directly killed the Blood Soul Ridge, invited fights one after another, and challenged everywhere. Wherever there were masters at the ninth level of Qi Refining, there were his Blood Soul Heavenly Snakes. shadow. With the support of Blood Soul Ridge’s powerful intelligence network, in just over a month, Su Snake King defeated five strong men on the ninth level of Qi Refining one after another. However, they only injured but did not kill. It was obvious that after breaking through, it was obvious that The strong man with great physical skills has always retained his strength, and those who were invited to fight did not even have the ability to force him to use his killing moves.
Later, Su Wenshe came to the Kuji Sword Gate and challenged a more experienced player than him, Old Man Kuji. After a fierce battle with Lily, Old Man Kuji abandoned his sword and accepted defeat, making Su Wenshe famous.
Later, after half a month’s rest, Su Wenshe climbed to the northern Hanshan Mountain and challenged Hanshanyuan to compete with many masters in Hanshanyuan. In the end, he was defeated by the sword of the master o