there is no suitable method to solve it, sooner or later, the physical body will collapse and the soul will decay. ending.

But Su Wenshe’s original idea was to use the ancient body-seizing method that he had experimented and completed to transform into a physical body. This not only solved the problem of Qi backlash, but also extended his life in disguise, killing two birds with one stone.
However, Zhu Peng’s appearance gave him the possibility to win in one fell swoop. Although the ancient method of seizing the body was good, it was a secret method suitable for ancient times. The current aura environment is completely different from that of that time. Although this set of secret techniques has been modified a lot by Su Wenshe, the chance of success is still only 60%, which means that there is nearly half a chance of failing to seize the body, causing the soul to be separated, and there is no chance of reincarnation. .
Even if it succeeds by chance, once the physical body is changed, many of the divine channel techniques that have been cultivated in the past will be wiped out, especially Su Wenshe’s Three Corpse Puppet Seal, which will almost be abolished. Su Wenshe will never accept such a result. This is why he had to waste all his efforts to find a powerful carrier to seize his body, in order to minimize the loss of his cultivation.
But the ancient arm of Mao Zang that Zhu Peng sent to him brought him another way out. Through the evil method Zhu Peng used, he transplanted the arm of the ancient zombie king into his body. The majestic corpse energy in the arms is stimulated and attracted by the vitality of fresh flesh and blood, and will inevitably flow back.
This is completely different from the corpse energy backlash from the Three Corpse Puppet Seal. It is violent and deep. Under the influence of this evil force, as long as Su Wenshe can keep his mind stable, there is more than 80% chance of turning into a half-human, half-corpse monster. People are stiff. Although it sounds a bit ugly to say, in fact, it not only retains the rationality and sanity of a living person, but also strengthens the body with the corpse energy belonging to the zombie. The strengthened body is then reversely used to refine the three corpse puppet seals. This has always been a semi-finished product. The great magical powers will almost certainly be comprehensively perfected or even strengthened.
/Chapter 266 Formation and fear, I am the director
Of course, the existence of the “human zombie” who is half human and half corpse is harmful to the world. As time goes by, the zombie king’s cold blood will gradually erode Su Wenshe’s rational spirit that belongs to humans. In the confrontation between the two, if nothing unexpected happens, Su Wenshe’s final outcome will almost certainly be to turn into a zombie madman whose soul has been destroyed, killing and devouring people everywhere until his body becomes like a normal zombie and rationality is born again. Wisdom, but its existence at that time had no meaningful relationship with Su