come up and thank you in person. We really didn’t spy on you.” Private thoughts.”

Because of the excessive nervousness, the girl’s words were somewhat stumbling. However, this did not detract from the girl’s beauty. On the contrary, it made people feel more pity because of her cautious feeling.
The four-faced female official was right. Bai Yiyi was not a very beautiful person, but Zhu Peng just liked her. He just glanced at her from a distance in the VIP box and was attracted by her cute and innocent appearance. Looking closely, the girl’s pitiful appearance with big eyes filled with tears reminded Zhu Peng of a weak and cute little animal.
The slight displeasure in his heart immediately dissipated. He stretched out his palm and touched the girl’s little head very naturally. His palm naturally slid onto the girl’s little face along with the smooth long hair, letting Zhu Peng come into contact with an astonishing feeling. exquisite.
In front of everyone, he reached out his palm and touched the girl’s cheek. Such behavior could be considered frivolous and unrestrained. However, no one in the room stopped him. The old man was struggling to say something, but he was blocked by those The black-armored guards restrained him, let alone movements, even if he wanted to speak, he couldn’t utter a single word.
With such a quick touch, his lips touched the girl’s soft red lips. Zhu Peng did not make any further move, letting the girl’s cheeks turn red and walk away. A lot of time has been wasted, and I really can’t have an in-depth communication with this cute little beauty at this time. In the future, if there is a chance, it will be the best. If there is no chance, a thousand spiritual stones will be exchanged for a first kiss on the lips of a girl he slightly likes. In Zhu Peng’s heart, he also feels that it is quite worth it.
After watching Zhu Peng’s actions, he quickly left. The four-phase female officer knew exactly what she should do. “Hurry up and let the old man go. Si Xiangzhai has lost all his face by you idiots.”
After reprimanding her subordinates, the hostess softened her words and turned to Noila Mo and said: “Girl, I am very sorry for what happened today. You can go and collect a hundred spiritual stones from them later. This is just a fee for the two of you. Please don’t mind it and say goodbye.” After saluting gracefully and calmly, he turned and left. If it weren’t for Zhu Peng’s attitude, how could a being like this at the bottom of the monk world be there? Qualification to be treated so politely by her.
/Walking on the way to the Four-phase Dark Workshop, the beautiful hostess spoke softly to the man beside her: “Your Excellency, you can lurk behind the military formation of the Three Clans Alliance and kill indiscriminately. You are not a rough and reckless person. Why are you doing so today?” Are you so sharp and unabashed?”
This was not a question she should have asked originally, but she couldn’t help but want to know. She knew clearly that curiosity could kill a demon cat with nine lives, but w