. On the other hand, if Peng’er becomes my bedmate, I will not swallow this Qinglong Pill. , I feel relieved that my life has been shortened for more than ten years. After taking this Qinglong Pill to Tie Kai, it helped him to improve his cultivation level. With the ability of the Zhu family’s iron beast, the possibility of further improving his skills is very high.”

“How’s it going, Peng’er, I’ve already told you all the good things I can say. Whether we all will be happy or fight to the death, it’s up to you to decide.”
After quietly listening to Li Wenda’s favorable conditions and various words, it was impossible for Zhu Peng to say that he was not moved at all. Any man would be tempted when faced with the power, wealth and fame that is so easily available. But when faced with Li Wenda’s generous offer, he would be tempted. Despite the conditions, Zhu Peng unconsciously imagined Li Yan’s appearance in his mind.
“Qinglong Lingdan and one-third of the family wealth are used as dowry. Based on such a generous dowry, I can roughly guess what your daughter looks like.”
Zhu Peng’s mind naturally flashed back to Sister Feng’s “Yuzhao” who was widely rumored on the Internet in the past. Thinking that he had to spend time with a Sister Feng day and night for a little wealth, Zhu Peng almost vomited.
/“Forget it. I would rather live a poorer life in the future. Money, power, and influence are more meaningful for me to fight for myself.”
Li Wenda flatly rejected the generous offer that no one could refuse. Of course, Zhu Peng couldn’t directly state the above reasons. He had to use a relatively decent reason. Otherwise, Li Wenda, who was at the eighth level of Qi refining, would have to go crazy and fight tooth and nail.
“Well, Li Shibo, although your conditions and reasons are very good and generous, and it does make Peng’er feel flattered and very moved. However, I have already had an oral engagement with Master Li, the second roommate of the Li family, and we have been privately engaged for life. This is also known to the elders of both parties. Therefore, please forgive Peng’er for not being able to accept your suggestion.”
While speaking, he bowed deeply and bowed. Of course, if Zhu Peng’s seemingly sincere apology had not been accompanied by a large amount of iron sand flowing under his feet, and there had not been a massive amount of Yuan Magnetic Formation around Li Wenda, His apology and gift will undoubtedly appear more genuine and sincere.
/Sighing heavily, Li Wenda looked around at the Yuan magnet sand covered around him.
“Is this your choice? Peng’er, I have also heard about your relationship with Master Li of the Li family. Childhood sweethearts and childhood sweethearts are indeed valuable, but you don’t know Li Rui. His father, Li Zhen, is more or less a person, but Li Rui , but he is just a snobbish person through and through. After your father was seriously injured, do you think he would marry his only daughter to a family that is declining day by day and whose future is uncertain?”
“Li Rui has bee