ul Ridge spent hundreds of millions of spiritual stones to prepare the Nine Palaces of Earth and Earth Formation. Although it breaks through water with earth, it is indeed extremely powerful. Within the eight hundred miles covered by the formation, there are strands of loess. The giant pile rose up, like a giant pillar holding up the sky, suppressing an area of ??800 miles, forming a large array of suppressive force, protecting the entire Blood Soul Ridge like an iron barrel. An artificial giant mountain was forcibly formed using the power of the formation, and the entire artificial mountain formed an extremely stable polygonal round sphere, unloading force everywhere and releasing most of the terrible pressure brought by tens of thousands of tons of sea water.

Not only that, with the endless pressure of the tsunami, the artificial mountain formed by the entire Xitu Nine Palaces array also wrapped the entire Blood Soul Ridge and sank downwards, which directly caused the entire array to bear force. The surface is getting smaller and smaller. It is conceivable that if the entire Blood Soul Ridge completely sinks into the ground, no matter how powerful and fierce the power of breaking the sea limit is, it will not be possible to tear apart the earth that holds them and swallow everything.
Under the influence of the Nine Palaces of Resting Earth Formation, a masterpiece of the Earth Star human monks, Blood Soul Ridge has become increasingly safer. It can be said that it is not that difficult to survive this terrible sea-breaking limit, but in fact, the Nine Palaces of Resting Earth Formation Every change of formation operation is at the cost of the consumption of massive spiritual power. Not only alchemists pay attention to the law of equivalent exchange and energy conservation, but monks also pay attention to it. It’s just that the more advanced monks have better exchange skills. The same thing consumes less power.
/At this time, the Xitu Nine Palaces Formation is frantically devouring the entire Blood Soul Ridge’s reserve energy system. If calculated according to the current progress, I am afraid that by the end of the sea-breaking deadline, the entire Blood Soul Ridge will have sunk directly into the depths of the ground. Of course, it is completely , but if it sinks and rises again, the spiritual energy energy consumed will be close to nearly 40% of the entire Blood Soul Ridge’s energy reserve, or even more.
Enough, there are seven limits. Going through an appetizer-style sea-breaking limit consumes more than 40% of the energy. It is an unacceptable result for Zhu Peng. Fortunately, he was reminded by Li Shishi and Zhu Sansan. , wake up earlier, otherwise idiots like Blood Soul Ridge who don’t know what’s going on may let the precious reserve energy be consumed to ensure safety.
“In the name of the High Priest of Blood Soul Ridge, I order the monks of Blood Soul Ridge to listen to my order and activate the Endless Blood Sea of ??the Styx Blood Refining Formation. With the power of the Endless Blood Sea, I will d