sword practice and Qi, he was still wearing chains and shackles that suppressed the Qi veins, and was under strict supervision.

“You are destined to die, but today, I will give you a chance to live. As long as you use the skills and sword techniques you have practiced during this period to injure the woman beside me, I will let you go directly. Otherwise. , makes me dissatisfied, so there is no need to wait for the execution day, just die here today.” Zhu Peng did not say anything to protect Zhu Sansan, with him standing here, if Zhu Sansan can still be If a monk in the Qi Refining Realm is injured or even beheaded, Zhu Peng can be killed by a head-on collision. If word spreads, it will be infamy for thousands of years.
Chapter 672 Buddhism, Taoism, Demons and Confucianism, the coming of immortality
The Blood Soul Ridge aerial reconnaissance brigade was flying and hovering in the sky. Teams of elite Blood Soul monks controlled giant demon birds, patrolling the Qinling Mountains’ tens of thousands of miles of influence radiation area.
Since Xue Po at this time assumes the position of the absolute leader of the Qinling region, it is natural that he must also assume the responsibility of protecting the safety and stability of this area. Therefore, the Xue Po Ridge aerial reconnaissance brigade was formed. Among every five monks, there must be When a person successfully opens his eyes, regardless of the spell he solidified, the Purple Soul Sky Eye’s effect on improving vision and breaking illusions is enough to make most people with bad intentions unable to hide.
Even with the power of the Gods, it is difficult to pass through the Blood Soul Ridge cordon silently under strict defensive inspections. Furthermore, the security within the Blood Soul Ridge’s sphere of influence is generally higher than that of most places in the Earth Star Monk World. , in these troubled times, this is already a very exciting reason to settle down.
Huo Qingman, the daughter of the Raptor Taoist, opened her purple eyes wide at this moment, standing on the giant bird and scanning all directions. After more than ten years of hard work, the little girl who used to act coquettishly in Zhu Peng’s arms, at this moment She has turned into a graceful and beautiful girl.
She has a bulging figure, voluptuous curves, and is dressed in black armor and black robe. While giving her a slightly cold and solemn temperament, it also makes her jade-like skin look even more milky white and bright, and her whole person is shrouded in a wave of aura. In the vivid brightness, most of the surrounding teammates couldn’t help but glance over and over again, with burning eyes.
Huo Qingman, who stood at the front of the demon bird and scanned the surroundings, was not a real blood clansman, and her purple soul eyes certainly did not open naturally. However, in view of the power and influence of her father, Taoist Raptor, the Blood Soul Clan did not hesitate to exchange a pair of Purple Soul Heavenly Eyes for Taoist Raptor’s further loyalty.
/Although the Purple