e information.”

While speaking, he brushed away the remaining ice and snow in his hands. The remaining ice and snow were just real ice and snow and had no meaning.
“You have long realized that there is a problem under this cold mountain, so you want to come down regardless of the danger?”
Qin Yue has long had doubts about Zhu Peng’s approach of entering the tiger’s den alone. Although Millennium Ice Zhi is precious, it is not very attractive to Zhu Peng, whose skills are advancing rapidly and who never seems to lack the benefits of elixirs. Then he Why do you have to risk your life to come down again? At this moment, all this seems to have an answer.
“You are coming here this time, aren’t you the Wanzai Hanyu plotting against Hanshan Academy? Such a terrible big plan can be said to be severing the foundation of the entire Hanshan Academy lineage. Will Blood Soul Ridge be executed by you alone?”
/“Are you kidding? You are plotting to cut off Hanshan’s lineage. Isn’t that the same as taking the initiative to open the strongest defensive barrier in the entire north of the Qinwang Mountains and allowing foreigners from outside the territory to drive straight into my Blood City? Such a thing of cutting off one’s arms, Do you think I will do it?”
Facing Qin Yue’s question, Zhu Peng responded in an exaggerated manner, but he was faced with Qin Yue’s very distrustful questioning look.
“As long as there is enough profit, I believe you will not care about the life and death of the Northland monks at all. As long as you get what you want, I don’t think you will even care about the life or death of millions of creatures in Blood Soul Ridge. . Don’t be too busy denying it. I don’t know why I think so, but the longer I am with you, the more my female intuition reminds me that you are just such a person.” Faced with Qin Yue’s unreasonable theory, Zhu Peng shrugged but did not refute – even the pig named “McDull” knew not to reason with a woman, let alone someone as smart as Zhu Peng. (I only recently discovered that Zhu Peng = Pig Shed. No wonder readers kept reminding me that this name is inelegant. It took me more than a year to slowly come to my senses.)
/Avoiding Qin Yue’s completely unsubstantiated female intuition, Zhu Peng revealed the real reason why he went straight into the tiger’s den: “As early as when I came to Hanshan Courtyard, I had already discovered the abnormality of the vitality in this area. At that time, I was fascinated by the legend of Hanshan Courtyard. The so-called ten-thousand-year-old cold jade is suspicious. It radiates hundreds of miles in radius. Is it tens of thousands of years of ice jade that can have such a terrible effect?” While speaking, Zhu Peng took out a piece of ice jade from the storage space bag. A cold jade, but although this cold jade is crystal clear, it is only the size of two grains of rice. Although it is full of cold air, it does not exceed the upper limit of the load of two Foundation Establishment monks.
“This is a thousand-year-old ice jade, but as you can see, the cold