late 50,000 points. But now he discovered The points I just earned will be used to replenish supplies.

After several uses of David’s current super-large caliber second-grade sniper bullets, less than ninety are left, and only nine third-grade sniper bullets are left.
Currently, he needs to prepare more second-grade sniper bullets. There are too many second-grade Zerg on the Guardian Star, and only second-grade bullets pose a threat to them.
In the future, second-grade sniper bullets are likely to become regularly used consumables, and the quantity of less than ninety bullets is far from enough.
/As for the third-grade sniper bullets, he probably customized them from David. Given the conditions here, he probably wouldn’t be able to process them.
“David, I want to customize fifty second-grade super-large-caliber sniper bullets!” David thought for a moment and said.
“David, in fact, if you have second-grade materials, I can help you customize them for a processing fee of one point per sniper bullet!” David also saw David’s hesitation and suggested with a smile.
“That’s great!” David said happily when he heard this.
David casually took out the second-grade heavy ax from behind and placed it on the counter in front of him.
“How many second-grade sniper bullets can this second-grade heavy ax process?” He pushed the second-grade heavy ax over and asked.
Soldiers attach great importance to grade weapons, because this is the guarantee of the soldier’s life.
Soldiers will regularly maintain their grade weapons and keep them carefully. Even if they know that grade weapons are extremely hard and difficult to damage, they will not use grade weapons outside of combat.
“It doesn’t matter, I have a spare one!” David said nonchalantly.
If he hadn’t brought the thirty-two pieces of second-grade materials that were formed into irregular residues due to the explosion this time, he would not have used the second-grade weapons.
He left all the second-grade materials in the warehouse of the Razer modified ship, just to save space for space items.
“Okay!” David looked at David’s expression and understood that although this second-level weapon is extremely precious to ordinary soldiers, it is easy to obtain for top geniuses. So he didn’t continue to persuade.
David took the second-grade heavy ax to the instrument aside. When he saw the results above, he looked regretful.
The quality of this second-grade heavy ax is very good. David’s second-grade heavy ax was originally the sidearm of a heavy ax master, so it is naturally of absolute high-quality quality.
“The second-grade material separated from this second-grade heavy ax can be used to make four hundred and thirty super-large-caliber sniper bullets.” David told David the result.
“That’s it, I will give you this second-grade heavy ax. The processing fee is 450 points. I just hope that the quality can remain the same as the previous sniper bullets!” David was very satisfied with the sniper bullets he got. Quantity, he said with a smile.
“David, can you do this? I will use