all the air in his alveoli. His chest was deep. It sunk deeply.

all the air in his alveoli. His chest was deep. It sunk deeply.
After speaking, he took a long breath, inflated his chest again, and used the Tongzi witchcraft to drive the mountain toad to virtualize his body. Then he jumped into the trench under the factory floor that was full of blood, water, and organs, and walked out of the office quickly.
Chapter 159: ‘Simple’ Things
When Zhang Lisheng came downstairs, Maddie was sitting behind her desk in the lobby on the first floor with a serious look on her face, talking to Charlie who had walked into the office building at some unknown time, “Mr. Charlie, Mr. Lisheng My husband came back to the office from the hospital because he has very important personal matters to deal with. I’m afraid he won’t have time to see you today.”
The girl’s voice was full of official accent, but Charlie was not dissatisfied at all, but said with a smile on his face: “Oh , Miss Maddie, didn’t I say that I have no intention of disturbing Mr. Li Sheng now, I can wait, I can wait…
Mr. Li Sheng, you are down.”
“Good morning, shouldn’t it be noon now? Mr. Charlie, look for What can I do?” Zhang Lisheng, who smiled at Maddie and walked down the stairs, looked at Charlie and said.
“It’s nothing particularly important. I was supervising the work at the factory expansion site just now, and I vaguely saw Miss Maddie taking you back to the factory, so I came here to say hello.
You look in good spirits, and I feel relieved.”
“Thank you.
But why are you supervising the work at the construction site? Didn’t the construction company send a project manager?” ”
Well, generally for large-scale projects like this involving over 100 million meters of capital, both the client and the contractor will send special personnel to supervise the progress. Yes, Mr. Li Sheng.
There is this clause in the agreement that Edward asked you to sign. I am the supervisory manager of the LS Group. You may not have noticed.” ”
Really? I’m sorry, Mr. Charlie, my mind has been confused the past few days. Ouch. Well
, since you are now in charge of supervising the factory expansion, you can just be in charge of recruiting personnel for the new factory. What is the name of a high-level human resources management position in a company, Maddie?” Zhang Lisheng thought for a while and said.
/“Director of Human Resources.” The girl hesitated before replying.
“Okay, Mr. Charlie, are you willing to take up the post of HR Director of LS Group?” ”
Oh, please just call me Charlie, boss.
I feel very honored to be able to work for you for a long time, really. Very honored.”
Although appointing a proficient person It was a bit weird for a professional business negotiator to be appointed as the personnel director, but Charlie had no objections and happily agreed.
Unlike Edward’s reserved and increasingly respectful attitude when he accepted the appointment, the flattery on his face seemed more direct.
“Well, Maddie will draft an appointment letter for Mr. Charlie, and the conditions will be based on Mr. Edw