From time to time, planes similar to the Banshee fighter planes in “StarCraft” rise and fall.

From time to time, planes similar to the Banshee fighter planes in “StarCraft” rise and fall.
The entire base is a steel fortress!
“It seems that it is not easy to sneak in quietly.” Yin Kuang said. In this world, mankind has entered the 22nd century, and military technology has become quite advanced. Especially this kind of pioneering group is almost the same as a military organization. If they don’t have any ability, they dare to leave the earth? Even if you know the art of deformation and blindness, flaws will still be revealed when scanned by the instrument. Even if there is no danger, it will be detrimental to our actions.
“Indeed. Everyone in the base has a special identification card, which contains fingerprints, voice, iris and other information! Even if we can disguise ourselves, if we don’t have an identification card, we will immediately be regarded as enemies.” Dongfang Yun said, “The pioneering company is not the only one that came to Pandora. There are also other employment-based organizations and individuals. The company will not be polite at all to those who ‘steal business’.” Not to mention,
Yin Kuang thought for a while, Said: “Then we will intercept the people who are going out. Then we will dress up as them. Let’s sneak in first.”
/Yin Kuang Not bad luck waiting for someone else. After searching for half an hour, I actually came across a research team heading towards the base. Judging from their appearance, they were probably attacked by the Na’vi and were injured and bloody. And their number is exactly ten, three in white coats and seven soldiers. Yin Kuang said “God help me”, so he attacked them unceremoniously and knocked them out easily. Then, Yin Kuang and Zhao Qingqing stole their memories. Yin Kuang used the G virus eye, while Zhao Qingqing used the “soul-taking method”. After another period of busy work, Yin Kuang and others, including Qian Qianqian who was unconscious, were all disguised. This is no ordinary disguise, but a comprehensive transformation, including voice, fingerprints, and even irises. This kind of technology is naturally incredible to people in this scene, but for college students, this is the most basic means of survival. Although it is not omnipotent, it is quite applicable.
Finally put on the air filter cover and you’re done.
“Dispose of these corpses.” Chi Lian said. Tang Rouyu shook her head and said: “Senior, it is still useful to keep them. Strip them, disfigure them, and then throw them around the base. All special equipment that can show their identities must be removed. This can cause panic and destroy the lives of everyone in the base. Distracting your attention is more conducive to our safety.” Of course Tang Rouyu cannot be said to be the person who stimulated the pioneering company, asking them to be more vigilant and try to prevent Bei Dao and others from sneaking in.
Based on the information fed back by Chi Lian’s reconnaissance bird, Tang Rouyu knew that Bei Dao and the others had not yet sneaked into the base. So this is an opportunity.