ished organizations such as the “Coal Smoke Emissions Reduction Association” and the “Fume Emissions Reduction Association.” The bill in September is said to be One proposal was to form a “Kingdom Air Pollution Investigation Committee.” Klein put down his huge suitcase, reached out and pinched his nose to relieve the sudden discomfort.

Then, following the golden watch chain, he took out a gold watch from his vest pocket, clicked it open, glanced at it, and confirmed the time.
After truly saying goodbye to his brother and sister, Klein made a special trip to the department store and bought a gold pocket watch for 4 pounds 10 soli and paired it with a gold chain worth 1 pound 5 soli.
For him, not being able to grasp the specific and clear time at all times will cause a sense of panic.
Klein originally planned to buy a silver pocket watch, feeling that it suited his temperament, but considering the true meaning of “clown”, he finally chose a gold watch that was more ostentatious and exaggerated.
“6:39 is not too late.” Klein put on his pocket watch, picked up his cane and suitcase, and followed the crowd, slowly walking out of the steam train station.
Suddenly, he turned a corner without warning, and someone who followed quietly and reached into his pocket missed the opportunity.
Klein didn’t pay attention to this episode, and walked along the cement-paved avenue, mixed in with the crowd, and walked towards the intersection in front.
There are lawns and gardens surrounding a pillar that stands like a chimney.
“No, it might be the chimney.” Klein saw the thick smoke puffing out from the top of the pillar.
Part of the smoke floated high into the sky, and part of it turned into tiny water droplets and spread around.
/Klein paused again, put down his suitcase, and unfolded the newspaper and map he was holding in his other hand.
When riding the steam train, he had already planned where to go and what to do next.
After this period of experience and the state of mind of pretending to be a clown in the morning, Klein finally understood the true meaning of “clown”, that is, “Although he can slightly predict his fate, he still feels helpless about his fate, so he covers up all his sadness with a smile. , pain, confusion and frustration.”
At that moment, he clearly felt the “Joker” potion being digested. He believed that if he continued to act like this, he would be able to try for promotion in a short time.
/But the problem is that he still doesn’t know what the corresponding Sequence 7 potion is called, let alone the specific formula.
“How to obtain the formula? The Secret Order rarely appears. They seem to be only interested in the items of the Antigonus family. This is why others know little about them. Well, consider two aspects. One is to contact the local extraordinary people. The second is to take the initiative to set up a trap and use the treasures of the Antigonus family as bait to fish out the people of the Secret Order. After all, I control the weird vertical pupil composed of many mysterious symbols. .