is not an exception. What we are about to carry out is equivalent to international police cooperation and pays attention to identity equality. . The Hong Kong police force has no chief or deputy departments, nor chief or deputy departments. Senior police officers seem to be called constitutional committee members. The next step is not only cooperation, but also negotiation. You are a key figure, so of course you must be equal to them. ”
Isn’t it you?”
“I am, don’t be kidding. They can’t understand what I say, and I can’t understand what they say either. It depends on you. The rest depends on you.”
If it weren’t for my wife and Lao Lu , The deputy secretary of the county party committee didn’t even have to think about the hard work behind his back.
/This third-level police superintendent came even more ridiculously. He actually came because of work needs. Could this be the legendary opportunity?
However, opportunities often coexist with risks.
If the stolen money cannot be recovered, this third-level police officer will not only not be an honor, but will become a shame and a laughing stock.
/Han Bo let out a long sigh and leaned against the car window, not knowing what to say or even whether he should be happy.
Deputy Director Wu didn’t know what he was thinking, and thought he was very excited at the moment. Although he was only promoted to a higher rank, his position was not promoted. He heard from Deputy Director Zhang that Yushan’s poverty alleviation work had entered a critical moment, and he was precisely the key at the critical moment. Poverty alleviation work is a major event in the province. There are so many national-level poverty-stricken counties that can only take off one hat. It is unlikely that his position will be adjusted in the foreseeable two or three years.
But a soldier who doesn’t want to be a general is not a good soldier, and a policeman who doesn’t want to wear a white shirt is also not a good policeman!
For a police officer, it is very important whether he can be promoted to the third level of police superintendent and whether he can wear a white shirt. It is not only the salary, but also the honor.
When he thought about his promotion, Deputy Director Wu was filled with emotion. Just as he was about to say something, Han Bo’s cell phone suddenly rang.
“Han Chu, Shen Yulu has spoken!”
Han Bo was stunned and said hurriedly: “Detachment Shi, please tell me the key points.”
Shi Baohua and Zhang Ping spent the whole night talking to Shen Yulu and said in a hoarse voice: “Shen Yulu explained, All the cash that was withdrawn was in Yu Shaodong’s hands, about more than 70 million. Because it was too much, she had withdrawn it many times without accounting, so she couldn’t remember the specific amount. She told Yu Shaodong to hide the money in a warehouse of the Xinhai City Materials Company. Inside, packed in cartons, there are not only money but also some books in the carton. The money is hidden in the books, which can prevent moisture and disguise as book