retending to hit her. Liu Zhihe stopped the tall man with a cough and said, “Wen Liang, is he your friend?”

retending to hit her. Liu Zhihe stopped the tall man with a cough and said, “Wen Liang, is he your friend?”
Wen Liang walked over and blocked Tan Yu behind him as if there was no one around, and said with a smile, “He is my brother!” Tan Yu stood up. He held out his chest and stood next to Wen Liang, feeling no longer afraid.
Liu Zhihe frowned, and the tall man immediately quit and said with a sinister smile: “Brother Wen, you can’t control this matter, so don’t embarrass your brother.” ”
I really think I’m awesome, calling you Wen I’m giving you face, don’t toast
him and you’ll be punished with a drink.” “Let me tell you, you can talk nonsense to him, just do it. Who in Minghua Junior High School dares to compete with us?” ”
That’s it.”
Liu Zhihe was silent. After a moment, he suddenly said angrily: “Shut up!” Gao DaNan and several others opened their mouths. Seeing that Liu Zhihe was really angry, they stopped talking angrily.
Wen Liang was too lazy to talk to them, but since Liu Zhihe expressed his stance, Liu Tianlai was involved, so he had to give him a step down. He said with a smile: “Zhihe, if not, I’ll treat you to lunch, and we can all go up to the second floor together. Open a small stove?”
Liu Zhihe laughed loudly, put his arm around Wen Liang’s shoulders, and said affectionately: “Okay, if you don’t have enough to eat today, I will have such a big belly in vain!” He is
so arrogant at the front and respectful at the back. Not a good bird! Wen Liang turned to Tan Yu and confessed: “You go back first, I will play with you when I have time.” Tan Yu nodded in understanding. Tan Yu had always respected the benefactor who saved his sister. Qi Qi just helped him out again, so naturally he did whatever he said.
Liu Zhihe pulled Wen Liang forward and said in a low voice, “How dare you ask me what happened to my face? Did you see my dad yesterday?” ”
Ah?” Wen Liang seemed to understand a little bit, “Yes, I had a casual chat with Director Liu.”
“Shit, you are so bad, I thought we had a great time cooperating last time, but you actually went to my dad to complain?”
Wen Liang chuckled, and then he knew that Liu Tianlai last night He heard the wrong words and thought that he had some trouble with Liu Zhihe, so he gave his son a lesson when he returned home. He deliberately slapped his son on the face and left a mark. Did he just want himself to see it?
Whoever dares to say that Liu Tianlai is a rough guy in the future, my mother will make you angry!
/“This is really unjust. I just praised you a few times to Director Liu. I definitely didn’t say a bad word. It’s a misunderstanding. It must be a misunderstanding!”
Seeing Wen Liang’s resolute words, Liu Zhihe couldn’t hold him accountable. He had his own intentions just now. Wen Liang directly beat him up in the toilet, but remembering his father’s warning last night and Wen Liang’s fighting ability that resounded throughout No. 1 Middle School, he borrowed the opportunity to laugh away the grudge.
Liu Zhihe is not a fool. He is someone w