ification, there are not many people wearing police uniforms on the streets, and those who see them are basically real police officers.

ification, there are not many people wearing police uniforms on the streets, and those who see them are basically real police officers.
What he did was offending, and his colleagues at the workplace didn’t like it very much, but they didn’t show it. Wang Heng nodded with a few policemen who had just arrived at work, walked into the office expressionlessly, opened the envelopes and read them one by one.
“Wang Da, the notice is ready, please take a look.”
Xiao Ding has never been so proud and enthusiastic about work. He brought a stack of printed documents. It seemed that he had worked overtime again last night.
“Okay, let me take a look first.”
Wang Heng took the document, read it carefully, picked up the report letter again, and said expressionlessly: “Xiao Ding, get ready. I will go to Fengtang later. The crowd will react to Fengtang.” The police station does not dispatch police officers, and the police situation is preset to see if they do anything.”
The people are very disgusted with fishing for law enforcement.
However, for the police inspection team, “fishing law enforcement” is one of the working methods. According to the needs of the inspection tasks, and with the approval of leaders above the captain of the police inspection team, the inspectors can simulate police situations and understand the work of the persons being inspected on the spot. The true situation. As long as the inspection task is completed, the police situation set up will be canceled in a timely manner.
The police need evidence to handle cases, and inspectors also need to collect and secure evidence to perform their tasks.
Xiao Ding took out the voice recorder and portable camera from the cabinet, and said excitedly: “Yes!”
Wang Heng read the report letter, locked it in the safe, picked up the phone and asked the chief inspector for instructions. He is a close confidant of the director, and he is performing the tasks assigned by the director. How could the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and the Chief Inspector disagree? With everything in place, the two of them ran downstairs and drove out of the compound in the only police car in the bureau that was spray-painted with the inspector’s logo.
“I wonder who will be unlucky again.” Liu Guijun stood at the window and said suddenly.
/“Who is the inspector? This is the cruel one. There will be a good show next.” Jiang Wenli picked up a stack of documents and threw it on the coffee table, with a look of gloating on his face.
Liu Guijun picked up the document and looked at it, and asked in surprise: “Seriously!”
“Fire six at once, so courageous.”
“It’s not that easy to be fired from public office.”
“People know that there are tigers in the mountains, so they prefer the tigers. Shanxing, so I think there will be something good to watch next.”
There are six types of sanctions for public officials: warning, demerit, major demerit, demotion, dismissal and expulsion. “Expulsion” is the highest administrative sanction.
This is different from removal from