elp but kiss you.”

elp but kiss you.”
After Anya heard this, she smiled even more happily, and he continued: “Close your eyes again.”
Anya just closed her eyes when she suddenly thought of something and opened her guard again. When she saw Han Xuan standing up with his back to her, she closed her eyes with peace of mind. The corners of her mouth turned up slightly, obviously she was in a good mood.
Jigglypuff lies on the rocking chair, thinking that his master and the others are playing games, meowing happily, and the rhythm is clearly the Christmas song “Jingle Bells”. He likes the rhythm of this song, and even if it is not Christmas, he will sing it occasionally.
Pooh has fallen asleep, and the other animals are in the yard. Secretary Dawson and Secretary Shen can’t see their shadows as soon as they come back. They have gone off to fall in love somewhere. They must have a lot to say tonight, and they have a lot to say to each other. Both want to be close to each other, and the relationship should develop by leaps and bounds.
Han Xuan came to the Christmas tree, opened the carpet and found the document bag he had hidden underneath, took out the contents, and sat down cross-legged in front of Anya again.
Anya could detect his movements and heard him ask her to open her eyes, staring at a document Han Xuanju had in front of her. She saw it read: “Getty Art Center Share Transfer Memorandum.”
“Art Center? What are you doing?”
“This is a Christmas gift for you. After much thought, I don’t know what else to give you. The California Chief Treasure Museum was donated to the charity foundation by me, so I acquired a bit of it. shares.”
Han Xuan said: “Didn’t you ask me what I went out for on the morning of the 22nd? In fact, I went to the Santa Monica Mountains. This modern art museum was built on the mountain, and the design style of the building It’s very good, and the collection inside is also very rich. We will not charge admission fees in the future and make money from other peripheral products. Even if we don’t make money, it doesn’t matter, at least we won’t lose money.”
“I know about it. When it opened last year, its photo was published in the magazine. Anya replied that this art center, which cost one billion US dollars to build, attracted people’s attention during the preparation stage. After it was completed, it became one of the largest private art museums in the United States. She had heard about it for a long time.
When he saw the document saying that he was transferring 40% of the shares of the Getty Art Center to himself, he immediately shook his head and said, “I can’t ask for this gift. It’s too valuable.” ”
But you said that you want a building that belongs to you. My own art gallery.”
/“But I mean the small one, like my mother’s private gallery.” Anya didn’t know how to give an example, so she looked around and continued: “The area is about the same as a living room, yours is too big It’s too expensive, and it’s too expensive.”
/Han Xuan just wanted to give her the best art museum. He never thought