rcise instead of wasting time, so I went out and ran a few laps. Look, I was covered in sweat.”

He took off his coat, turned halfway, and pointed at his back.
Melissa stood up, glanced at it casually, considered for a few seconds and said:
“Klein, actually you don’t have to. There’s no need to put too much pressure on you. You will definitely pass the interview at Tingen University. Even if you don’t, well, I mean if, you can find a better one.”
I haven’t even considered the interview. Klein nodded and said:
“I see.”
He didn’t say that he had received an “offer” because he hadn’t decided yet whether to go.
Melissa looked at him deeply, then suddenly turned around, trotted into the inner room, and took out a turtle-shaped object made of gears, rusty iron, springs, and clockwork.
Quickly tightening the winding, Melissa placed the item on the desk.
/Kaka Kaka, Da Da da, the “turtle” jumped away, very rhythmic, and people could not help but transfer their attention to it.
“When you feel troubled, watching it move like this will make you feel much better. I’ve been doing this a lot recently. It’s very effective. Klein, give it a try.” Melissa invited with bright eyes.
Klein did not reject his sister’s kindness. He looked closely at the “tortoise” and waited until it stopped before smiling:
“Simplicity and routine really bring relaxation.”
Without waiting for Melissa to say anything else, he pointed at the “turtle” and asked casually:
“Why don’t I know when I made it?”
“I made it with materials that were not used by the school and things I picked up on the road. I just finished it two days ago.” Melissa’s expression was as usual, with the corners of her mouth raised a little.
“It’s amazing.” Klein praised sincerely.
As a boy with poor mechanical skills, he struggled to make a four-wheel drive when he was a child.
Melissa raised her chin slightly, bent her eyes slightly, and answered calmly:
“so far so good.”
“Excessive modesty is a bad character.” Klein chuckled, “This is a turtle, right?”
The atmosphere in the room suddenly calmed down, and Melissa’s voice sounded faintly like a crimson veil:
“It’s a puppet.”
Klein smiled awkwardly and explained forcefully:
“The problem with the materials is that they are still too crude.”
Then, he changed the topic:
“Why did you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? There is a toilet in it and aren’t you good at sleeping until dawn?”
Melissa was stunned for a moment, and after a few seconds, she opened her mouth and was ready to explain.
At this moment, a violent digestive sound came from her chest and abdomen.
“I, I’ll go get some sleep”
Bang She grabbed the turtle-shaped “doll”, ran back to the inner room, and closed the door.
Yesterday’s dinner was too good. I ate too much and my stomach is not used to it. Klein shook his head and laughed. He walked slowly to the desk and sat silently on the chair. Looking at the crimson moon emerging from behind the dark clouds, he quietly thought about Dunn. Smith’s invitation.
The disadvantages of