care about?

care about?
Han Bo knew he was joking and said with exaggeration: “Secretary Jiao, you are a dignified member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, how could you make such a request? The traffic police detachment is now the traffic management bureau, and the detachment leader is the director. Among all the detachments of the city bureau, The best, my greeting doesn’t work, it’s not working.”
“Xiao Han, how did you become the deputy detachment leader at the deputy division level, and you can’t handle such a small thing?”
“It can’t be done, I am the deputy division chief who is engaged in technology. It’s totally different from a leader like you.”
People go to higher places, and water flows to lower places.
The big boss didn’t want to stay in “Siberia” all the time. They all wanted to develop in the county. Who can you rely on for this matter? Han Bo didn’t want to get involved. He immediately turned around and said, “Xiao Lei, Secretary Jiao said you were poaching him.”
” What?”
“It’s nothing, Mr. Li, Xiaolei, you continue to chat, Xiao Han is talking nonsense.”
Jiao Handong gave him a kick without hesitation. He thought he would continue to yell, but he didn’t expect him to stare at him as he walked into the hall. A traveler showed a hint of enlightenment.
“Han Bo, what did Secretary Jiao say?” Li Xiaolei didn’t hear clearly just now and looked confused.
“Nothing, I’m just kidding.”
Looking along his line of sight, a man in his thirties, wearing a suit and leather shoes, who looked very energetic and stylish, appeared while dragging a trolley suitcase to the boarding gate and talking on his cell phone. In front of you.
“I go to work on the sixth day of the lunar new year. I have just enough time. I won’t delay my work or my 8:50 flight. I can stay wherever I want in the evening. I’ll see you early tomorrow morning. It’s too late and it won’t affect your rest. It should be, it should be, okay, okay, That’s it, help me bring it to Sister Xu.”
After the man in the suit made the call, he put away his cell phone and looked around. He saw that there were only a few passengers in the terminal looking at him, thinking that he had just made a call on his cell phone. He spoke too loudly, nodded slightly, smiled apologetically, put down his trolley case and sat down with his back to everyone, very polite and gentlemanly.
Feeling a bit like Hou Chang, Li Xiaolei asked softly: “Know him?”
/This world is too small, Han Bo muttered: “I may know him, but he doesn’t know me.”
“What do you mean you may know him?” Jiao Handong was fooled Got confused.
Since we met, we should confirm it. Han Bo weighed it and stood up: “You guys sit down for a while, I will come
when I go.” “Go.” This is what police officers do, and Li Xiaolei is used to it.
Jiao Handong was even more confused. Just as he was about to speak, Han Bo had already walked to the small service desk at the boarding gate. He whispered a few words to the airline ground attendant, then turned back and walked to sit next to